On the Subject of Kooky Keypad

A crazy twist on a common classic.

This module has a 4-button keypad on it as well as a green button to the right of the keypad. Each keypad button has an LED on the top of it and right below the LED is a symbol.

To solve this module follow the 2-step process below to figure out which buttons are the correct ones to submit. Submitting anything other than the correct buttons will record a strike and the module WILL reset. For future reference the green button is the submit button so do not press it until you know which buttons to submit. However, the keypad buttons may be pressed at anytime. It is recommended waiting until step 2 before doing this.

Step 1

Figure out 2 values for each button on the keypad, A and B. If (A + B) >= 20 then the button needs to be pressed for step 2. The value A is received from the set of tables below using the button's symbol. There is a chance that the symbol may be a single captalized letter, in this case the alphabetic position of the character in the alphabet (A=1...Z=26) is the A value. The value B is the first digit of the serial number if there is an HDMI or RJ-45 port. Otherwise the value B is the last digit of the serial number.

13 11 14 18 15 13 11 12 16

18 13 12 19 14 11 17 11 15

Step 2

Press the buttons received from step 1. 1.5 seconds after the last press the module will enter what is called "color mode" and MAY display colors on the button's LEDs as well as make all buttons un-interactable. The mode lasts for about 2 seconds, and when it ends all pressed buttons will pop back up and all buttons may be interacted with again. Any colors displayed by the LEDs during this mode are necessary in some of the rules below.

When the rules below mention toggling a button, this means changing its final state from "no press" to "press" and vice versa. The buttons’ initial states before the rules is "no press". Do not actually press the buttons until you have gone through all the rules. After going through all the rules you should now have each button's final toggle state. The buttons that have a state of "press" at this point need to be submitted. Whenever order is used in the rules below it is refering to reading order (top left, top right, bottom left, then bottom right).

  • If the bomb has a Two Factor present, toggle the top left and bottom right buttons
  • If more than 1 LED displayed a color and the second LED displaying a color in order was Coral or Slate Blue, toggle the top right button
  • If less than 3 LEDs displayed colors or the bomb has exactly 2 port plates, toggle the bottom left and bottom right button
  • If the colors Medium Spring Green, Red, or Orange were displayed, toggle the top left button
  • If the bomb has an SIG or TRN indicator, toggle the bottom right and top right buttons
  • If only 1 LED was displaying a color, toggle the bottom left button
  • If the first LED displaying a color in order was Dark Magenta and last LED displaying a color in order was Lemon Chiffon, toggle the top left, top right, and bottom right buttons
  • If either shade of green was displayed, toggle the top left and bottom left buttons
  • If Cadet Blue was NOT a displayed color or Deep Sea Green was NOT a displayed color, toggle the top right button
  • If the LEDs did not display any colors, toggle the top right and bottom left buttons
  • If at least 1 LED was NOT displaying a color, toggle the bottom right button
  • If none of the buttons are currently in the state "press", toggle the top right button

To submit any buttons simply press them and right before color mode is entered (the 1.5 second time frame) press the submit button.

NOTE: All possible colors that can be displayed by the LEDs are shown on the next page.

Possible Colors Reference Flag