On the Subject of Kudosudokus

Roses are red, violets are blue; but the hard part here is not the Sudoku.

A grid on this module with 4 by 4 squares
shows images, letters and other affairs.
The goal’s to decode what the cell values mean;
then solve a Sudoku to turn the light green.
The answers are also submitted in code.
Just get them all right and you will not explode.

All letter-based codes translate numbers the same:
The serial’s first letter is number 1’s “name”.
Now take the first digit — treat 0 as 10 —
jump that many steps through the alphabet. Then
that’s the new “name” for the 2. Then jump more
the same amount, getting to “name” 3 and 4.
Of course, at the end of the alphabet, you
must wrap to the start as you usually do.
These “names” affect Morse Code and Tap Code and Braille
and Maritime Flags and they also entail
the Semaphores, Zoni, and then in addition,
in Binary their alphabetic position.
When Maritime, Zoni and Morse are pre-filled,
a number instead may be shown. Don’t get killed!

But that is not all of the codes. There are more!
Each instance that follows shows 1, 2, 3, 4.
Kick, snare, hi-hat, open: the samples of Simon’s.
The card suits are spades, hearts and clubs and then diamonds.

The Snooker ball colors: red, yellow, green, brown.
The arrows go clockwise beginning with “down”.
Mahjong tiles: Plum, Orchid, Chrysanthemum, Bamboo.
The chess pieces: rook, knight, then bishop, queen, too.
Astrology: fire, then water, earth, air,
concluding the list. These are all that are there.

To input an answer, just tap on a square.
A sound may be heard or a symbol shown there
or sometimes, a panel may open instead
or maybe the square will turn blue or dark red.
The panel wants Braille, Letters or Semaphores,
while blue means “use Tap Code” and red means “use Morse”.
Refer to its manual for Tap Code’s mechanics,
while Morse Code is entered the same as Morsematics.
For symbols and sounds, just re-tap till it fits;
then two seconds later, your input submits.
An arrow reveals itself rapidly spinning;
just tap when it points the right way and you’re winning.
On squares that were pre-filled or you have submitted,
re-tapping to re-hear a sound is permitted.

When finished, relax! You cannot be harmed
when Kudosudoku is solved and disarmed.