On the Subject of Kusa Nihonglish

Good morning mother- I mean weather hackers!

This module has an orange border, a play button with horns, a green submit button, a red clear button, and a keyboard on a yellow background.

When pressed, the play button will play a sound clip containing a mashup of two or more languages, including Japanese, or simply poor Japanese in general. Find the English translation of the word or phrase in Appendix 草 and type it with they keyboard to solve the module, using the blank button as a spacebar.

If the phrase doesn't resemble anything from Appendix 草, You have been blessed by Quantum Chicken Soup Grass Big Chungus. Submit anything.

Appendix 草

Arigadanke Arigathanks Arigathanks Gozaimuch
Buenos Oyasleep Chotto a Minute Daijouokay
Dont Itashimashite Eatadakimasu Gebokawa
Gomenasorry Gomennatschuldigung I missamisii you
Konnichiwassup Konnichiwas geht ab Omedetulations
Seeyanara Sore wa Chigawrong Sorrymasen
Subaramazing Tadaim Home Urushaddup
Wakarunderstand Willst du Stress Mann Yametekudastop
(submit anything)