On the Subject of LED Math

No, this isn't Color Morse.

This module displays three colored LEDs. To solve the module, use the tables to figure out the values of the LEDs and submit the correct answer.

The left and right LEDs are referred to as “A” and “B” respectively. The LED in the middle is the operator.

If: LED is: If: LED is:
Its color is red (Bat + Ind) × 2 Its color is the same as A (8 - Hol) + Bat
Its color is blue (Ser × 3) + Ind Its color is the same as the operator Ind + Hol + 1
Its color is green Bat - Ser - 7 Its color is blue or yellow (Ser + Hol) × 5
Its color is yellow (Bat × Hol) + 4 Its color is red or green (Ser - Bat) × 6
LED Operator
If: The operator is:
Its color is red +
Its color is blue -
Its color is green or yellow ×
Conversion Table
Name: Meaning:
Bat Batteries
Hol Battery Holders
Ind Indicators
Ser Last digit of the serial number