On the Subject of LEGOs

Make sure to not step on this module! Not only will the bomb explode, but your foot will really hurt.

  • With this module you now have access to the lastest in LEGO instruction manual technology! The display has several pages, which can be accessed by using the left and right arrow buttons:
    • PARTS: Use the colored buttons on the right of the display to look at all of the required pieces for the build.
    • MANUAL PAGES: These pages display how two pieces are connected together in the final structure. The flashing piece is the top-most piece.
    • BUILD: This page allows you to "draw" with LEGOs. Use the color buttons to choose the active color. Click on a brick the same color as the active color to make it white again.
  • Your goal is to use the instruction manual to build a LEGO structure. Once complete, go to the BUILD page of the display to enter what it ends up looking like. Press the submit button when you are finished.
    • Be careful, however, since you must keep in mind the orientation of the structure as you build it. Use Table 1 below to determine whether you should enter a top-down or bottom-up view of the final structure, and which cardinal direction of the structure should be at the top of the result.

Table 1: Submission Attributes

Choose the first condition that applies:
FaceAt least 3 pieces are 3×2.The yellow piece is 3×1.At least 7 instruction pages are present.BOTTOM
OrientationThe green and magenta pieces are the same size.The structure is at least 4 bricks tall.The blue piece is above the red piece.SOUTH