On the Subject of Letter Layers

You want to stack these together? They don't look good.

In the center of the module, there is a display that contains 3 different letters stacked together and rotated. Determine the letters that are shown on the display.

Below the display are different displays and buttons that perform different things:

  • The left display shows a letter from a certain language. You can change what is displayed using the arrows above and below it.
  • The right display shows a language that the left display will be based upon. You can change what is displayed using the arrows above and below it. The lower center button submits the letter that is shown on the left display.
  • The upper center display shows that letters that have been submitted. The display will max at 3 letters. It also acts as a button that submits the answer of the current stage.

After you determine the letters that are shown, use the buttons provided to submit the letters. The letters do not need to be in order.

If you submitted the correct answer, an LED will light up. Lighting up all three LEDs above the display will solve the module.

If you submitted an incorrect answer, a strike will be given and the center display will provide a new stack of letters.

Language Page

English Alphabet (E)


Greek Alphabet (Gr)


Korean Alphabet (K)

Russian Alphabet (R)


Thai Script (T)

Language Page

Japanese Alphabet - Katakana (JK)

Japanese Alphabet - Hiragana (JH)