On the Subject of Life Iteration

Solving this module is a matter of life and death, many times over!

The module shows a 6×8 grid with the squares on the grid colored either black or white. To solve the module, use the rules of Conway’s Game of Life to the initial pattern on the grid. There is a square display that shows a number between 2–4. Apply the rules of Conway’s Game of Life for each generation until the generation number matches the number shown on the display.

Note that the pattern initially shown in the grid is Generation 0.

You can toggle the color of the squares in the grid to black/white by pressing the square.

Enter your answer in the grid. Pressing Submit when the grid has a correct configuration will solve the module. Otherwise, the module will strike.

A square is considered neighbouring if it is adjacent to another square, including diagonally.

If square is black:
White neighbouring squares < 3 or > 3 Stay black
White neighbouring squares = 3 Turn white

If square is white:
White neighbouring squares < 2 or > 3 Turn black
White neighbouring squares = 2 or = 3 Stay white