On the Subject of Linked Wordles

I'm supposed to guess a word. This is easy right- wait. Why do all of these have the same word typed in?

This module consists of a keyboard, a 5-row, 6-column empty black grid, a yellow bar, 2 arrows, and a number in-between the arrows.

To disarm this module, enter in the correct 5-letter word within a given amount of attempts.

The number of attempts given on Linked Wordle starts at 6 and increases with every Linked Wordle present on the bomb.

Use the physical keyboard to input the word. The keyboard provided on the module may be used instead to type in the word. The word typed in will be shared between each unsolved module. Pressing enter will submit that word, while backspace will delete the last letter in the word. An invalid 5-letter word will have letters marked in red but NOT issue a strike.

Pressing the arrows on the module will scroll the words queried currently up or down to view previous or later entries. The yellow bar is used to denote where the user in the list of queued words.

Failure to find the correct word within the given amount of attempts for each Linked Wordle will start a 30 second cooldown between each attempt, which will increase for every failed attempt. After the cooldown expires, all unsolved Linked Wordles will reset with different words*.

Like the Wordle counterpart:

  • Gray letters represent that the letter is NOT present in the solution word.
  • Yellow letters represent that the letter in the solution word is present BUT not in the correct position.
  • Green letters represent that the letter in the solution word is present AND in the correct position.

*If there are more Linked Wordles than the number of words in the word bank or Twitch Plays is enabled, ALL Linked Wordles will not immediately solve once the correct word is found. To enforce the module to solve, press any button on that module. For Twitch Plays, a command is provided to press any button to enforce a solve.