On the Subject of the Lion’s Share

Or: the shallow end of the gene pool.

The hunting party has returned from a successful hunt. Apportion the prey according to each lion’s entitlement.

The number on the module is the current year. The following timeline chart shows the age of each lion in the pride:

Kion Kiara Kopa Kovu Vitani Nuka Mheetu Zira Nala Simba Sarabi Sarafina Taka Mufasa Uru Ahadi Zama Mohatu King Adult Cub Unborn Absent 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 female male shows cub’s mother Visiting lions: Askari Chumvi Malka Tojo Babu Boga Diku Kula Naanda Ndona Rani Sabini Sheena Tama Tiifu Weena Zuri

Each lion’s entitlement to prey is assigned and modified as follows:

*Siblings are lions with the same mother. Fathership is ignored.
  • The King, if present, has 10 units of entitlement.
  • Any adult siblings* of the King have 7 units.
  • Other adults have 5 units.
  • Any cub siblings of the King have 4 units.
  • Other cubs have 3 units.
  • Visiting lions who do not belong to the pride have only 1 unit.
  • For each lit indicator on the bomb that contains the lion’s name’s first letter, add 4 units for the King, 3 units for the King's adult siblings*, 2 units for any other males and 1 unit for any other females.
  • For each serial# letter a lion’s name contains one or more of, add 1 unit.
  • Each unborn cub, if present, adds 1 unit to their mother’s entitlement, but has no entitlement of their own.
  • Lions who are dead or absent have no entitlement.

Apportion the prey in such a way that each lion receives a percentage of prey according to their share of everyone’s entitlement, rounded down. Allocate any left-over prey to the lead huntress, which is the one in red or all-caps. Long-press the submit button to restore the original display.