On the Subject of Literally Something

I’m too lazy to make something, so here is a module to do it for me.

  • There are nine letters, which need to be pressed in a specific order, and forms the word "Something".
  • Determine the order of the letters on Something to press by using the rules below.
  • To solve the module, press all nine letters in that specific order.
  • Pressing letters that are not in the proper order will cause a strike once all nine letters have been pressed.
  • Obtain the serial number’s letters.
  • Append these letters until there are nine letters total, remove any excess letters, repeating this step when necessary.
  • Using the repeated letters and the word Something, add the alphabetic positions of each of the repeated letters and its corresponding letter in the word “Something” (A1-Z26).
  • If there is a tie in values, add 1 to the latest value. (Example: If S=M, add 1 to M)
  • Assign the values with the corresponding letters in Something.
  • Order the letters from least to greatest in their value, starting at 1 with the letter with the minimum value, and ending at 9 with the letter with the maximum value.
  • Submit the letters in that order by selecting the letter.