On the Subject of Logic Chess

Your Honor, this manual is outdated...

Modded KTaNE knowledge is recommended to solve this module.

This module simulates the game known as Logic Chess, where the objective is for you (Mr. Edgework) to reveal the truth. Your opponent (the other person in the module) will have made a mistake in a random KTaNE module and needs your help to figure out how they went wrong.

The text in the center of the module shows what someone is saying (If the text is blue, it is what they’re thinking instead), you can see who is speaking by looking at the person themselves above the textbox or the person’s last name near the top-left of the text box.

The bottom-right button will either show the next line of dialogue, or give you up to three different options for what Mr. Edgework will say next to their opponent. Do note that some dialogue options may lead to a strike if it is either ridiculous, or if it incorrectly identifies what the opponent has done wrong.

After the first line of dialogue, the bottom-left button can be used to go back to the very start of the module. Note that it will only occur if 1) You have pressed the button twice and 2) You have not made a mistake in the module yet. If you press the bottom-left button when you have already made a mistake, it will act just like the bottom-right button.

The module will be solved once the truth has been revealed.