On the Subject of Logic

Logic is easy, but logic AND bomb defusal might not.

If a red light is above the letter, True becomes False, and vice versa.

Letter Statement Letter Statement
A Batt = Ind N > 2 Batt Hol
B Letters > Num in SN O Lit and unlit ind
C IND ind P Parallel port
D FRK ind Q =2 ports
E =1 unlit ind R PS/2 port
F > 1 port type S Sum of SN # > 10
G > 1 batt T MSA ind
H < 2 batt U =1 batt hol
I Odd SN V Vowel in SN
J > 4 batt W 0 ind
K =1 lit ind X =1 ind
L > 2 ind Y > 5 ports
M No dup. ports Z < 2 ports
Gate Statement Gate Statement
∧ (AND) T∧T=T, T∧F=F, F∧T=F, F∧F=F ↓ (NOR) T↓T=F, T↓F=F, F↓T=F, F↓F=T
∨ (OR) T∨T=T, T∨F=T, F∨T=T, F∨F=F ↔ (XNOR) T↔T=T, T↔F=F, F↔T=F, F↔F=T
⊻ (XOR) T⊻T=F, T⊻F=T, F⊻T=T, F⊻F=F T→T=T, T→F=F, F→T=T, F→F=T
| (NAND) T|T=F, T|F=T, F|T=T, F|F=T T←T=T, T←F=T, F←T=F, F←F=T