On the Subject of Logical Buttons

It has logical in the name, so if it doesn’t make sense to you that’s your fault.


  • This module consists of 3 buttons, a stage counter and a screen stating a logic gate. To solve it you will have to go through 3 stages.
  • In each stage you will have to determine which of the buttons you will have to press based on their color, label, and the logic gate present.
  • If multiple buttons have to be pressed in a stage you will have to determine the order in which you must press them.
  • The buttons are numbered in reading order.
  • Both the label and the color of a button will hold a true/false value. Once you get both values you run them through the logic gate and get an answer.
  • If you get true, the button should be pressed and if you get false it shouldn’t.
  • If no button has to be pressed you must press the logic gate screen until you get a logic gate that allows you to press a button.
  • When the correct button(s) have been pressed the module will automatically proceed to the next stage.
  • If a correct button is pressed the border of the button will light up white.

Determining values of colors/labels:

The value of the color/label is true if the condition is met.


  • Red - No blue button present.
  • Blue - Another blue button present.
  • Green - The next button in clockwise order is purple or white.
  • Yellow - The button’s label is not “Wrong” or “Logic”.
  • Purple - No buttons in primary colors.*
  • White (Light Grey) - One or more buttons is in a primary color.*
  • Orange - The top button is not orange.
  • Cyan - The button’s label is exactly 5 letters long.
  • Grey (Dark Grey) - The button has the same label as another button.


  • “Logic” - There are no gray buttons.
  • “Color” - The button’s color is not green, yellow, or orange.
  • “Label” - The top button’s label is not exactly 5 letters long.
  • “Button” - The next button in clockwise order’s label is not “Hmmm” or “No”.
  • “Wrong” - The next button in counter-clockwise order’s color is the same as this one.
  • “Boom” - The other two buttons have the same color.
  • “No” - This button’s color condition is false.
  • “Wait” - The module is in stage 3.
  • “Hmmm” - The left button’s color condition is true.

*Primary colors are red, blue, and yellow.

Determining order of presses:

Columns refer to which stage the module is in, rows refer to the arbitrary group that the present logic gate is in.

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Group 1 1,2,3 2,1,3 3,2,1
Group 2 3,1,2 2,3,1 1,3,2

Appendix LOGBTNSX100

Logic gates:

  • AND - True if both inputs are true - Group 1
  • OR - True if either input is true - Group 1
  • XOR - True if exactly one input is true - Group 1
  • NAND - True unless both inputs are true - Group 2
  • NOR - True unless either input is true - Group 2
  • XNOR - True unless exactly one input is true - Group 2