On the Subject of Look, Look Away

Don’t look at me, hoi hoi hoi.

The module will give a sequence of 8 directions.
Use the diagram below to offset each direction into a different direction, and submit the modified sequence back to disarm the module.

To receive the initial sequence, turn the bomb around so that you cannot see the module. The module will make a sound each time the cycling arrow points to the next direction in the sequence, in order from low to high pitch. The cycle will reset if you can see the module again.

To submit the modified sequence, highlight the module, and unhighlight the module when the arrow is pointing toward the direction you would like to submit. The arrow will turn yellow to indicate that a submission has started.

You can reset your input at any time by turning the module away from you. There will be a sound to indicate that your input has been reset, and the arrow will turn back to white.

The diamond-shaped button to the right of the screen can be used to toggle whether the module is active or not freely at any time. The module will not transmit the sequence while inactive, but it also will not accept any submission input. Toggling the module off also resets submission input.

Modifying the direction sequence

To modify the sequence, start on the black square with the first direction, then move one square toward the second direction. Then, start on the black square with the second direction, move toward the third direction, and so on. For the last direction, move toward the first direction in the initial sequence.