On the Subject of Lunchtime

Your boss has tasked you with buying his lunch. He’s given you some money and shoved you out the door, and… what’s that in the bag he gave you? A bomb? Oh, come on.

Buy your boss something he likes for lunch, or he’ll blow you up. If only he wasn’t such a picky eater…

The amount of money given to you is (randomly generated) shown via a sticker on the module. Your job is to buy the highest-priced meal for your boss that he likes without going over your budget. He may also want you back by a certain time.

Follow these rules in order to know if you have any spare change with you to add to your boss’s budget (expert).

  • If there are more than 4 batteries, add $0.61
  • Otherwise If there is a lit FRK indicator and no parallel ports, add $0.43
  • Otherwise If there are more than 2 different types of ports, add $0.18
  • Otherwise If there are both FRQ and CAR indicators (lit or unlit), subtract $1.00
  • Otherwise If the bomb’s serial number contains a vowel, add $0.37
  • Otherwise If none of these apply, do not change the amount of money.

The number of batteries determine what categories your boss likes and doesn’t like.

  • AA>D = likes sandwiches, not entrée plates.
  • D>AA = likes entrée plates, not sandwiches.
  • AA=D likes both entrée plates and sandwiches.
  • All food in the “Other” category is assumed to be liked until stated otherwise.

What Foods Your Boss Likes

  • If there is at least one of a lit SND or CLR, or unlit MSA or BOB, your boss does not like vegetables and will not eat foods marked with a V.
  • Otherwise If the total number of indicators and ports adds up to 5 or more, your boss has a dairy allergy and cannot eat foods marked with a D.
  • Otherwise If your budget is over $6.00 and there are less than 2 batteries, your boss doesn’t like any foods with 2 vowels in a row.
Meatball (D)$5.33 Roast Beef$4.71
BLT (V)$4.58 Cheesesteak (DV)$4.04
Nutella & Banana (D)$3.62 Reuben (DV)$3.44
Ham (D)$3.39 Monte Cristo (D)$2.96
PB & J$2.19 Grilled Cheese (D)$2.05 Burger (DV)$1.91
Buffalo Wings$6.41 Fettuccine (D)$5.22
BBQ$5.18 Soup$4.67
Spaghetti$4.31 Burritos (D)$3.41
Pizza (DV)$3.21 Tacos (V)$2.04
Grilled Fish$1.81 Salad (V)$1.69
Fried Chicken$5.82 Ravioli$3.76 Shish Kebab (V)$3.43
TV Dinner (V)$2.94 Macaroni & Cheese (D)$2.82 Chinese Takeout (V)$2.75
Hot Pocket (D)$2.55 Chili Dog$1.24 Leftovers

Submitting his order:

  • If you don’t have enough money for any remaining lunch option, select ‘leftovers’ and submit when the time remaining is a multiple of 6 seconds.
  • Otherwise If your boss likes vegetables and your budget was not edited by pocket change, submit when the tens and ones seconds places of the timer add up to a prime number.
  • Otherwise If your boss does not like vegetables and your budget was edited, submit when the ones second digit of the timer reads 0.
  • Otherwise If none of the previous apply, submit when the ones second digit of the timer is the same number as the amount of the last digit of the money remaining after you buy the lunch. (Sticker + spare change - meal price)
  • HOWEVER, If there is a Serial port and Stereo RCA port and no other ports, and there is a lit BOB indicator, ignore all other rules and press submit three times with any meal selected. Turns out he did the shopping for you.
    Thanks, Bob.