On the Subject of M&Ms

I got black, I got white, what you want?

If the status light is not in the bottom-left, you are looking at a different module.

If the serial number contains a vowel, M corresponds to white and N corresponds to black, otherwise it’s the other way around.

The text on each button spells out a row in one of the 5×5 grids below. The grid chosen may be rotated. Press the button that corresponds to the 1st row, then the one that corresponds to the 2nd row, etc.

The texts as they appear on the buttons may not accurately reflect their rows. Modify each text in some way based on its color:

  • Red: No change.
  • Green: Cycle text right by 1.
  • Orange: Cycle text right by 2.
  • Blue: Cycle text right by 3.
  • Yellow: Cycle text right by 4.
  • Brown: Invert all letters.