On the Subject of Mahjong Quiz (Easy)

Mahjong has been played for hundreds of years, but you don't have that kind of time here.


Mahjong is a 4 player game of luck and skill where the object of the game is to win points by completing valid hands. The rules will vary depending on the style of mahjong being played, but most of the core rules will stay the same. Note that this manual will only cover the necessary rules to solve this module, and will leave out details for the sake of making the required rules easier to understand.

Basic Mahjong Rules

In mahjong there are 3 suits with tiles whose values go from 1 to 9 and one suit whose tiles have no numeric value (see reference table). There are 4 copies of each tile. The goal of the game is to complete valid hands by taking turns drawing and discarding tiles. A valid hand has 14 tiles which are used to make 4 sets of 3 tiles each, and 1 pair. A set refers to 3 identical tiles or 3 tiles of the same suit in sequential order (9 does not loop back to 1). A pair refers to 2 identical tiles. Each tile in your hand can only be used once, meaning all 14 tiles must be used in a valid hand. There are 2 types of hands which are exceptions to the 4 sets and 1 pair hand composition:

  • 7 pairs: The hand is composed of 7 distinct pairs.
  • 13 terminals: The hand is composed of a 1 and 9 from every suit, one of every honor tile, and one extra copy of any of those 13 tiles.

How To Solve

In this module you are given a hand with 13 tiles that is one tile away from being a valid hand. Your task is to find out which possible tile(s) could be added to it to complete a valid hand. Once you have identified which tile(s) you think could complete the hand, click on the tiles to toggle them between unselected (white background) and selected (yellow tinted). Once you have selected all of the tile(s), click "CONFIRM". If all of the correct tiles have been selected the module will be solved. Submitting incorrect tile(s) or an incomplete set of correct waits will result in a strike.

Tile Reference

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Balls/Circles (pin)
Sticks/Bamboo (sou)
East South West North White Dragon Green Dragon Red Dragon