On the Subject of Marquee Morse

Who messed with my news ticker?

On the module is a scrolling LED ticker, a frequency scroller, two arrow buttons, and a transmit button.

The ticker will display a word in Morse code, by scrolling along dots and dashes. (See "How to Interpret" below.)

Using the table below, decode the word using Morse code and use the arrow buttons to select the corresponding FM frequency. Then use the transmit (TX) button to submit.

How to Interpret

1. One lit square represents a dot.

2. Three lit squares represents a dash.

3. There is a three-square gap between letters.

4. There is a seven-square gap before the word repeats.

If the word is: Respond at frequency:
intervention 99.9 MHz
consistently 100.1 MHz
optimization 100.3 MHz
spirituality 100.5 MHz
contributors 100.7 MHz
collectables 100.9 MHz
consultation 101.1 MHz
construction 101.3 MHz
registration 101.5 MHz
agricultural 101.7 MHz
manufactured 101.9 MHz
implications 102.1 MHz
subscription 102.3 MHz
capabilities 102.5 MHz
jurisdiction 102.7 MHz
illustration 102.9 MHz
laboratories 103.1 MHz
descriptions 103.3 MHz
publications 103.5 MHz
representing 103.7 MHz