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On the Subject of Masked Morse

Time ticks in more than one direction.

  • This module initially displays a 6×6 grid of black squares and a speed display on the right which shows a 0. Pressing the up and down arrows next to the speed display allows the speed of the module’s ticks to be set from 0 to 5, where 0 is the off state, 1 is the slowest state, and 5 is the fastest state.
  • The red, green, and blue channels each have a unique row or column which is constantly transmitting a scrolling letter or number in Morse code. Row transmissions should be read from left to right, and column transmissions from top to bottom. For each of the 30 remaining squares for each component, the channel will randomly be on or off each tick.
  • Extract the three characters being transmitted and determine the three correct squares to solve the module. The correct squares can be pressed in any order. Pressing an incorrect square will result in a strike.

Locate the three characters being transmitted in the grid below. The cells in the grid will be colinearly adjacent, with the grid wrapping around (i.e. the x and y offsets between two pairs of transmitted cells will be the same). Press the squares on the module whose positions match the three other cells that are colinear to the transmitted characters.

  • For example, {B, P, 1, H, D, J} are colinear, with the offset being 3 right (or left) and 1 down. Applying the same offset to any cell on the line six times will result in the same cell.
How to Interpret

1. One square represents a dot.

2. Three squares represent a dash.

3. There is a three-square gap between the end and beginning of a letter.

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re we? Getting shifty now, a