On the Subject of Cruel Mastermind

The game from your childhood. Only advanced. And harder to memorize. And the feedback isn't what it used to be...

  • To solve this module you must find the correct 5 color code.
  • The colors used in this module are: White, Magenta, Yellow, Green, Red and Blue.
  • Note that each color may be used multiple times.
  • The LED colors can be cycled through by clicking the LEDs.
  • By pressing the "Query" button, information about the currently entered code will be displayed.
  • When the correct code is entered, the module will be solved by pressing the "Submit" button. Submitting the wrong code will invoke a strike.

Each query will generate two numbers on the display. These numbers each represent the total sum of two of the values listed in the table below.

A = Number of correct colors in the correct positions.
B = Number of correct colors in the wrong positions.
C = Number of colors not in the solution at all.

WhiteABBatteriesSolved modules
MagentaCALit indicatorsLast serial number digit
YellowBCSum of serial number digitsPorts
GreenBAModules on the bombUnlit indicators
RedCBDistinct port typesStrikes
BlueACFirst serial number digitBattery holders