On the Subject of Cruel Mastermind

The game from your childhood. Only advanced. And harder to memorize. And the feedback isn't what it used to be...

  • To solve this module you must find the correct 5 color code.
  • The colors used in this module are: White, Magenta, Yellow, Green, Red and Blue.
  • Note that each color may be used multiple times.
  • The LED colors can be cycled through by clicking the LEDs.
  • By pressing the "Query" button, information about the currently entered code will be displayed.
  • When the correct code is entered, the module will be solved by pressing the "Submit" button. Submitting the wrong code will invoke a strike.

Each query will generate two numbers on the display. These numbers each represent the total sum of two of the values listed in the table below.

A = Number of correct colors in the correct positions.
B = Number of correct colors in the wrong positions.
C = Number of colors not in the solution at all.

Color on the display: Left number Right number
White Left color: A B
Right color: # of batteries # of solved modules
Magenta Left color: C A
Right color: # of lit indicators Last digit of the serial number
Yellow Left color: B C
Right color: Sum of all numbers in the serial number # of ports
Green Left color: B A
Right color: # of modules on the bomb # of unlit indicators
Red Left color: C B
Right color: # of distinct port types # of strikes
Blue Left color: A C
Right color: First numeral digit in the serial number # of battery holders