On the Subject of Matchmaker

If a flying fairy baby thing can do romance, surely you can handle friendship.

The module will show 10 people, half green (on the top) and half red (on the bottom).

Each person has, listed below, their MBTI[1] typing. The objective is to put the 10 people into 5 pairs (one green, one red) with no overlap, where the people are compatible to be friends.

People are considered to be friendship compatible if they either share 3 of the 4 MBTI traits (similar types), or if they share none of them (all four are different -- opposites attract, or so they say).

To match two people, use the arrows to select the two persons, and hit the match button. If they are compatible, they will be removed from their respective lists, and the next two people will be automatically scrolled on. If they are not compatible, a strike will be issued.

It is possible, depending on how people are matched early, that you may be left with people that are not able to be paired up. In that case, hitting the RESET button will restore all five people to their respective lists.

Person MBTI Type Person MBTI Type