On the Subject of Matrix Mapping

Stop! In the name of love an absence of movement buttons.

On the module will be a 6×6 diamond consisting of four colours, with two additional buttons to the top-left of it. The toggle button will be to the left, and the submit button will be to the top.

The toggle button toggles the 6×6 diamond between two sets of four colours, the colour of the submit button between black and white, and its own colour between one colour of each colour set.

The goal of this module will be to create a 4×4 binary matrix which defines a fully traversible maze shown on the module through the 6×6 diamond of colours.

The maze is defined by the matrix as follows:

  • The rows of the matrix are associated with the four colours of the first 6×6 grid.
  • The columns of the matrix are associated with the four colours of the second 6×6 grid.
  • It is only possible to travel from one tile to another that shares an edge if the intersection of the colour of the starting tile in the first grid and the colour of the target tile in the second grid is a 1.
  • Additionally, the following applies to the matrix:
    • Each row and column must contain at least one 0.
    • If a specific intersection of colours does not occur while navigating, that intersection has a value that is neither 0 nor 1. Instead, it is marked as “Absent”.
    • If at any point while making the matrix all currently undefined values can be set to 0, they should be set to 0.
  • You should now have a completely filled-in matrix.

After finding this matrix, find the intersection of the two colours on the toggle button, and press the submit button when it is black if the value is 0, and white if it is 1. Repeat this process with the new colour pair on the toggle button until the module is solved. Note that absent cells will never be displayed on the toggle button, and the module will continue to the next colour pair even upon a strike.