On the Subject of Mayhem

It's a perfect day for some mayhem!

The module contains a grid of hexes, where all hexes execept one are colored a shade of blue.

There is one hex that is colored pink. Refer to this as the "starting hex".

Upon pressing any hex, all hexes except the "correct hex" (yet to be determined) will flash red. You must determine which hexes are "correct", and highlight it while the other hexes are flashing red. The hexes will flash red seven times.

Hexes are numbered 1 through 19, with hex 1 starting in the left column and top row, continuing downwards through the column, and then back up to the top of the next column.

The first correct hex is always the pink hex. For each subsequent correct hex, take the characters of the serial number in order, converting any letters to their alphabetic position (A=1, B=2, ...) and move that many hexes downward in the grid, wrapping around if necessary.

If, at any point while the hexes are red, and the correct hex is not highlighted, a strike will be incurred, and a new starting hex will be picked.