On the Subject of Maze 'em

O matchmaker, why hast thou forsaken me?

This module presents a screen with a two-digit number on it and four arrow buttons.

You are in a 4×4 maze, starting in a random cell. Pressing the arrow buttons will allow you to move through the maze one space at a time in the appropriate direction (provided there is not a wall in the way). If you attempt to move into a wall, a buzzer will sound, but this will not cause a strike as long as the display is left untouched.

In addition, each cell of this maze has a two-digit number associated with it. Ten of these numbers are unique to their cells, however there are three pairs of numbers in the maze. To solve the module, all three of these pairs must be identified and submitted.

To submit a pair of numbers, stand on one of the two numbers in the pair, then press the display — this will enable "submission mode", hiding the current number, as well as turning the display green. While this is the case, move to the other number in the pair, making sure not to walk into any of the walls in the maze, then press the display again. If this pair is correct, their numbers will be hidden. Note that while a pair of cells cannot be submitted outside of submission mode, they are not identifiable while submission mode is active, so be careful!

After attempting to submit a pair or walking into a wall in submission mode, the module will exit submission mode Submitting two numbers which are not a pair or walking into a wall in submission mode will cause a strike.

Keyboard Support

This module has keyboard support, meaning that you can use your keyboard to move and submit. You can move using WASD or the arrow keys and press the display with the return key.