Appendix MZI: Maze Indicators

And now, with the magic of keyboards, you can solve the bomb's edgework, too!

This indicator works like any other, except their labels have been scrambled. Pressing the cursor keys on your keyboard (or WASD, or IJKL) will move the light around the indicator, in a grid. The grid has some impassable sections that are not visible. The light will not move over these sections, but you will not receive a strike for attempting to do so. At three positions in the grid, the display will show a letter. These letters will uniquely unscramble into one of the labels below.

  • BOB
  • CAR
  • CLR
  • FRK
  • FRQ
  • IND
  • MSA
  • NSA
  • SIG
  • SND
  • TRN
  • NLL