On the Subject of Mazes³

It’s like the original, but on a whole ’nother scale!

See Appendix A for indicator identification reference.
See Appendix B for battery identification reference.
See Appendix C for port identification reference.

  • This module consists of a cube with nine dots on each face and a circular ENTER button in the top left corner of the module.
  • To disarm the module, move the white light by pressing the edges of the front-facing side of the cube without hitting any walls, pressing ENTER when its position coincides with three correct central dots. Hitting a wall or pressing ENTER at an incorrect dot will cause a strike.
  • Look at the table below to determine which dots are required to be submitted to disarm the module. The dots must be entered in the order that they appear on the table, from top to bottom. Note that not all colored dots are shown as colored in the module.
  • To find where the walls are, use the colored dots visible in the module and their location and match those to the maze printed below. Note that the maze may be rotated.

1 OR LESS 2, 3 or 4 5 OR MORE
Batteries Magenta Orange Blue
Indicators Red Yellow Green
Ports Blue Magenta Orange