On the Subject of Mazery

Pink tiles do nothing, green makes you fight a monster, orange changes your flavor to ora...what do you mean "wrong game?"

  • Each tile on the module will be colored based on the walls that surround said tile.
  • The colors can be found in the Venn diagram below.
  • Once you have constructed your maze, press any arrow to start.
  • There will be three nodes colored cyan that you must visit an odd amount of times. Your current position in the maze is colored orange. When you are over a cyan node, it will be colored purple.
  • Running into the walls will result in the module resetting.

Appendix: Interactive Table

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Table ControlsCommand:Effect:
Cell Control CommandsClick (Cell)Selects the cell
Arrow Keys
[Toggle Borders]: Disabled
Selects the adjacent cell (Or top-left if none are selected)
Tab Key Selects the cell to the right (Or top-left if none are selected)
Shift + Tab Key Selects the cell below (Or top-left if none are selected)
Enter Key Deselects current cell
Cell Content CommandsRight-click (Cell)
or S Key
Marks/Unmarks the cell for submission
Double-click (Cell)
or A Key
Marks/Unmarks the cell as seen
Border Commands[Move]: Alt/Ctrl/Shift + Arrow Keys
[Toggle Borders]: Arrow Keys
Toggles the adjacent border to the selected cell(s)
General CommandsCtrl + Z Undos last command (Clears after reset button pushed)
Ctrl + Y/
Ctrl + Shift + Z
Redos last undone command (Clears after other executed command)

Manual based from D4rkSly's FMzN Development