On the Subject of Melody Sequencer

Harmony and melody... creating both is the musician’s greatest feat.

Part 1 D4, F4, A4, F4, A♯4, F4, A4, F4
Part 2 D4, F4, A4, C5, D5, A4, D5, C5
Part 3 F5, D5, F5, A5, A♯5, F5, A♯5, A5
Part 4 G5, E5, G5, E5, C5, E5, C5, A4
Part 5 G4, E4, G4, E4, A4, E4, A4, F4
Part 6 A♯4, F4, A♯4, G4, C5, G4, C5, A4
Part 7 D5, A4, D5, G4, C5, G4, C5, F4
Part 8 A♯4, F4, A♯4, E4, A4, E4, A4, C4

To disarm this module, listen to 4 given parts of a melody, arrange them in the correct order, and fill in the 4 missing parts. The table on the side shows the correct order of the parts and the correct sequence of notes for every part.

Selecting a part

  • Use the up and down arrows to select a part to listen to.

Listening to a part

  • Press the green button to listen to the selected part.
  • The upper screen displays the notes as they are played.

Moving a part

  • To move a part to another position, press the yellow button while you are at the part you want to move. The screen tells you that you selected that part.
  • Use the up and down arrows to move to the part you want your selected part to move to and press the yellow button again.
  • If the moved part is in the incorrect position this will incur a strike.

Creating a part

  • Select a part you want to create and press the red button. The upper screen will say “Record”.
  • Use the 24 black and white buttons to input the correct sequence of notes for that part.
  • Pressing an incorrect note will incur a strike.
  • If your input is correct, that part is saved.

The module is solved once all parts are created and in the correct positions.