On the Subject of Metamem

When life gives you meta, make memory!

The module appears transparent and displays 3 digits, 3 changeable digits and 7 triangular buttons. To solve the module, input the correct sequence. Every time you solve one of these modules, the next appearance of this module will continue on it. Submit by putting in triplets of numbers and pressing the right triangle. Note: the sequences get cleared upon restarting the game.

To get the first digit of your sequence, take the first digit of the given sequence.

To get the second digit of your sequence, take the sum of the first two digits of the given sequence.

For any other digit, take the previous 2 calculated digits and the current digit on the given sequence in order. For the first and second digit, calculate what number has to be added to get from the first to the second, modulo'ing by 10 in the process. Do the same for the second and third digit. Then apply the same operation to the 2 numbers you just obtained. Add the final number to the digit calculated with the second and third given digit. Finally add this number to the current input digit and use it as your answer for this digit.

Every time you solve a Metamem, the digits will be appended to the initially empty memory. The displayed digits on a module will always be appended to the sequence. The given sequence refers to the sequence in the memory with the digits given appended.

For Twitch Plays: On TP nothing will be put in the memory, unless a player chooses to make an account. An account will allow a player to build further upon their individual previously built sequences and gain more points in the process. If a Metamem gets solved without anyone being logged in, the data will not be stored. Accounts can be shared through multiple people.