On the Subject of Metamem

When life gives you meta, make memory!

The module displays three digits and three arrows. To solve the module, enter the correct digits. A Metamem module solves when the inputted stage is a multiple of 3.

The number on the right is the stage number and the number on the top is the number for this stage. The number at the bottom can be changed by the up and down arrows and will be entered upon pressing the right arrow. Every time you enter a number you should remember the number that that stage contained. All Metamem modules on a bomb use the same memory.

To get a digit follow the steps below.

  1. Take all shown digits in order, including the digit for this stage and lay them out in a sequence.
  2. For each pair of adjacent digits in the sequence, take the left number and subtract it from the right to obtain a new number. If this yields a negative number, add 10. Repeat this step to create a sequence of one fewer length.
  3. Once this sequence has been created, repeat step 2 on the new sequence until a sequence is created with only one digit.
  4. Sum the rightmost digit of each sequence, and enter the least significant digit of this sum into the module.

Note that the first digit will always be the same as the shown digit.