On the Subject of Metamorse

Look! There’s a hidden message in the hidden message!

  • The LED will flash a Morse code message of 2 to 4 letters. Extract a single Morse code letter from the transmission by translating each individual letter to a dot or dash.
    • If the letter is 2 symbols or shorter, it represents a dot.
    • If the letter is 3 symbols or longer, it represents a dash.
  • Do this for each letter to form a single Morse code letter.
  • Find the resulting letter in the below table to obtain a rule. Submit the only transmitted letter which obeys this rule using the arrows and press the screen.
ALetter is a vowel
BLetter starts with a dot
CLetter has an equal number of dots and dashes
DLetter starts with a dash
FLetter has an odd Morse length
GLetter consists of only dashes
HLetter only occurs once in sequence
ILetter is the last in sequence
JLetter is in the first half of the alphabet
KLetter is second in sequence
LLetter has more dashes than dots
MLetter has an even Morse length
NLetter is first in sequence
OLetter is ‘O’
PLetter is third in sequence.
QLetter has a Morse length of 3
RLetter has an unequal number of dots and dashes
SLetter has a Morse length of 2
ULetter has more dots than dashes
VLetter is not a vowel
WLetter consists of only dots
XLetter is in the last half of the alphabet
YLetter has a Morse length of 4
ZLetter has a Morse length of 1