On the Subject of Meteor

Whatever you do, don't look up, there might be one of these modules crashing towards y

  • This module consists of a finite deck of cards which have a number from 0-9 on it, with the exception of the last card, which has an exclamation point on it.
  • To solve the module, press the "Call" button when the card on the left is the last numbered card.
  • If you flip over the final card, a strike will occur and the module will reset with a new deck of cards.
  • To tell when the deck is about to stop, use the numbers on the cards shown.
  • Once any three equally spaced cards have numbers in which the difference of the first two numbers are the same as the difference of the second two numbers, the next card will be the final card. (Specifically, the first card minus the second card must be equal to the second card minus the third card, do not use the absolute value.)