On the Subject of Microcontrollers

It’s called “micro”-controller, yet this thing in there is pretty big. Probably because it can cause a pretty big explosion...

  1. Use the controller’s imprinted type and its size to determine its pin configuration with the diagrams below.
  2. The white mark on the controller indicates where the pin with the number 1 is located. The other pins are in ascending order on the side with the number 1 and then continued backwards on the other side.
  3. Using the table below determine the correct color code for each connected element.
  4. For each pin choose the correct element by pressing the UP and DOWN buttons and confirming your input with the OK button (the next pin will be selected automatically).

Pin Configurations


Strike (STRK) Controller:

Diode (LEDS) Controller:

Countdown (CNTD) Controller:

Explosion (EXPL) Controller:

Component Color Codes

Input Voltage (VCC) Analog Input (AIN) Digital Input (DIN) Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Reset (RST)
If the last digit of the controller’s serial number is 1 or 4 Yellow Magenta Green Blue Red
Otherwise, if there is a lit indicator "SIG" or a RJ-45 port Yellow Red Magenta Green Blue
Otherwise, if the bomb’s serial number contains C, L, R, X, 1 or 8 Red Magenta Green Blue Yellow
Otherwise, if the second numerical digit of the controller’s serial number matches the number of batteries on the bomb Red Blue Yellow Green Magenta
Otherwise Green Red Yellow Blue Magenta

Note: Ground (GND) is always coded with white.