On the Subject of Minecraft Parody

"I don't want to be associated with cringe"-[REDACTED]

  • The KTANE discord server admins are hosting a Discord sings Minecraft parodies event.
  • The song could be any the following Minecraft parodies:
    • Revenge
    • Take Back The Night
    • Fallen Kingdom
    • Find the Pieces
    • Dragonhearted
    • TNT
    • Running to Never
    • Mine Diamonds
    • You Can Find It
    • Level Up
    • New World
    • Fated
    • The Herobrine
    • Turn It Up
  • To make sure that the montage is not ruined, and to reduce the amount of restarts, the admins would like all participants to sing orderly, meaning that everyone must sing in their associated order. Moreover, the chorus part with repeated lyrics will only be sang once.
  • To disarm the module, determine who sings the displayed lyrics. The lyrics are ordered from top to bottom.
  • Press the square boxes on the right to choose the correct user's profile picture who sings it. Press the submit button, and the selected users will sing the lyrics.
  • The participants are listed in page 2.
  • If someone sings the wrong lyrics, the admins will reee at all the participants, giving you a strike, and will very likely to choose another song to sing (reset the module).

Participants of Discord Sings and their profile pictures

The profile pictures may not be the same with the user's current Discord profile picture.

CrunchyBotCooldoomPruzKavinkulBlananaRiverLord Kabewm


Aw manEltrick
So we back in the mineBananaLord
Got our pickaxe swinging from side to sideStrike
Side-side to sideJack
This task, a grueling oneWeird
Hope to find some diamonds tonight, night, nightFinder
Diamonds tonightCrunchyBot
Heads upCooldoom
You hear a sound, turn around and look upPruz
Total shock fills your bodyKavinkul
Oh, no, it's you againBlanana
I can never forget those eyes, eyes, eyesRiver
Eyes-eye-eyesLord Kabewm
'Cause baby tonightLegend
The creeper's tryna steal all our stuff againRockDood
'Cause baby tonightKat
You grab your pick, shovel, and bolt again (Bolt again-gain)Timwi
And run, run until it's done, doneRed
Until the sun comes up in the morn'Emik
'Cause baby tonightQkrisi
The creeper's tryna steal all our stuff againLimeboy
Just when you think you're safeEltrick
Overhear some hissing from right behindBananaLord
Right-right behindStrike
That's a nice life you haveJack
Shame it's gotta end at this time, time, timeWeird
Blows upCrunchyBot
Then your health bar drops and you could use a one-upCooldoom
Get inside, don't be tardyPruz
So now you're stuck in thereKavinkul
Half a heart is left, but don't die, die, dieBlanana
Creepers, you're mine, hahaLord Kabewm
Dig up diamonds,Legend
And craft those diamonds,RockDood
And make some armor,Kat
Get it, baby, go and forge that like you so MLG proTimwi
The sword's made of diamonds, so come at me broRed
Huh? Training in your room under the torchlightEmik
Hone that form to get you ready for the big fightQkrisi
Every single day and the whole nightLimeboy
Creeper's out prowlin', woo, alrightEltrick
Look at me, look at youBananaLord
Take my revenge, that's what I'm gonna doStrike
I'm a warrior, baby, what else is new?Jack
And my blade's gonna tear through you, bring itWeird

Take Back The Night

Closet full of secrets and skeletons awakes, but nothing's trueLimeboy
I used to own a castle, now it's boxes that I have to moveEltrick
Right here in the darkness, there's nothing left for me to doBananaLord
It's easier to run away, but today, today we got toStrike
Cast the shadows out from sightJack
A final stand, a shouting cryWeird
All the wrongs now turned to rightFinder
So fight the past, take back the nightCrunchyBot
And call upon a torch tonightCooldoom
To bring out all the ghosts to lightPruz
Because at last we have to goKavinkul
It's time to take back the nightBlanana
To take back the nightRiver
Bridges burned and broken on different sides, we start anewLord Kabewm
Being chased by monsters to face head-on or be consumedLegend
Reaching out for something, grasping on to nothing to loseRockDood
Payback's left too long unpaid, but today, today we got toKat

Fallen Kingdom

I used to rule the worldLimeboy
Chunks would load when I gave the wordEltrick
Now every night I go stow awayBananaLord
Hide from the mobs I used to slayStrike
They once were terrifiedJack
Every time I looked into their eyesWeird
Villagers would cheer my wayFinder
For a hero I was, that's what they'd sayCrunchyBot
One minute we had it allCooldoom
Next our world began to fallPruz
Away from all that it had once becomeKavinkul
They all cried for my help, but I stood there numbBlanana
I gaze off into the boundless skylineRiver
Noteblock choirs playing in the sunshineLord Kabewm
Turn 'round pick up my sword and wieldLegend
The blade that once forced evil mobs to yieldRockDood
And hope one day that this chaos andKat
Destruction turns for the betterTimwi
Never a bow in handRed
And that was when I ruled the landEmik
It was the creepers and SkeletonsQkrisi
Blew down the doors and boxed us inLimeboy
Arrows whizzing by like streaks of lightEltrick
I tried all that I could to stay and fightBananaLord
As the undead roamed the streetStrike
Families broken at my feetJack
Life itself suspended by a threadWeird
Oh, why is it that I wasn't deadFinder

Find The Pieces

The city it runs cold todayLimeboy
Sunshine it is shining greyEltrick
And I wish I could dig straight downBananaLord
Black it all awayStrike
But in the dark there’s still a soundJack
And nothing changedWeird
Don’t know if I have ever heard you sing but I hear itFinder
Hear it, hear it, hear it, hear it,CrunchyBot
Don’t know if I have ever held your hand but I seek itCooldoom
Seek it, seek it, seek it, seek itPruz
Don’t know if I have ever loved but I feel itKavinkul
Put the puzzle back together see what I’m dreamingBlanana
When I find the piecesRiver
Faces echo with no namesLord Kabewm
Strangers feel like home but fadeLegend


Lost but marching on like we've always known the trailLimeboy
Searching for our ending to the fairy-taleEltrick
Sometimes even shooting stars find wishes that miss their marksBananaLord
But when the night gets too darkStrike
And the road home seems too farJack
We'll see the sun come up againWeird
We will climb higher than we've beenFinder
We got a fire that burns withinCrunchyBot
We are the DragonheartedCooldoom
We are the DragonheartedPruz
Courage to stop a cannonballKavinkul
Together we stand 30 feet tallBlanana
We got a fire that burns withinRiver
We are the DragonheartedLord Kabewm
We are the DragonheartedLegend
We are the DragonheartedRockDood
Fearless we soar, speeding arrows ricochetKat
Break free, our hearts burn brighter than yesterdayTimwi
And through the battles we wageRed
When our shields fall awayEmik
The armor cracks and breaksQkrisi
If ever our torches fadeLimeboy
Standing tall, forever unitedEltrick
We are the DragonheartedBananaLord
We are the Dragonhearted-o-o-oooStrike
We are the DragonheartedJack


I came to digLimeboy
I'll build a city oh so bigEltrick
Just wait a sec gotta kill this pigBananaLord
Cook me some bacon take a swig swig swigStrike
Because there must be something I can craftJack
To help me ease the burden of this taskWeird
I shoot my arrows in the air sometimesFinder
Singing oooohCrunchyBot
Creeper's KO'dCooldoom
Loot his remains and now his sulfur's minePruz
Singing oooohKavinkul
Not today noBlanana
Then I'll go to work under the birch treeRiver
And I'll make myself tons of TNTLord Kabewm
And I'll use it all to build a cityLegend
I'll mine it all with TNTRockDood
I came to blowKat
Up everything you've ever knownTimwi
Expel you out of house and homeRed
Biome to biome you shall roam roam roam roamEmik
Because I am a creeper I will robQkrisi
All of your precious items that's my jobLimeboy
Then I'll get back home where I'll smile with gleeEltrick
Now that I can make tons of TNTBananaLord
'Cause I rule my world made in 3x3Strike
I'll blow it up with TNTJack
Gonna blow it all upWeird
Every mountain every valleyFinder
Ruler of the world yupCrunchyBot
All the animals will fear meCooldoom
'Cause TNT is justPruz
TNT's just really coolKavinkul
Is just really coolBlanana
Is just really coolRiver

Running To Never

Triumph in our dreamsLimeboy
We want it allEltrick
Hearts lost in the moonlightBananaLord
And off we goStrike
Chasing stardustJack
Our wildest treasuresWeird
Or a mirageFinder
Perfect intentionsCrunchyBot
But will we ever knowCooldoom
How to stop?Pruz
Running runningKavinkul
Are we running to never?Blanana
So blind we can't seeRiver
How close we get to the edgeLord Kabewm
Are we running to never?Legend
A race against the horizonRockDood
We can't winKat
A fire burning brightTimwi
In our hearts tonightRed
Are we running to never?Emik
Running to neverQkrisi
We can't build a staircaseLimeboy
To reach new heightsEltrick
If we lose courage to stepBananaLord
Into the skyStrike
Chasing stardustJack
We claw and push our wayWeird
To the topFinder

Mine Diamonds

Minin' awayLimeboy
I don't know what to mineEltrick
I'll mine this anywayBananaLord
In this Minecraft dayStrike
So beautiful, mine further downJack
What's that I found?Weird
Mine diamonds (Take on me)Finder
Mine diamonds (Take on me)CrunchyBot
I'll mine themCooldoom
So far I've got two!Pruz
So easy to mineKavinkul
With my Minecraft pickaxe and shovelsBlanana
Hopefully they stayRiver
In my Minecraft chestsLord Kabewm
So I'm gonna makeLegend
A lock on itRockDood
All these diamondsKat
Sittin' carefully layTimwi
I'm getting worried (Shut the fucking door!)Red
If they might get stolenEmik
From my ender chestQkrisi
Wait, who is that?Limeboy
Holy sheep, it's Notch!Eltrick
Mine diamonds (Take on me)BananaLord
Mine diamonds (Take on me)Strike
Now they're safeJack
Now Now that they're safeWeird
Mine diamonds (Take on me)Finder
Mine diamonds (Take on me)CrunchyBot

You Can Find It

There is something calling youLimeboy
Everything has changedEltrick
Running down a dangerous pathBananaLord
You begin the chaseStrike
It feels like you'll seeJack
The building blocks of dreamsWeird
You can find itFinder
But it won't be mined like a diamond in a caveCrunchyBot
You can find itCooldoom
Even if there's no treasure map to lead the wayPruz
There's a guide in your heartKavinkul
And no matter how farBlanana
Or how long the journey takesRiver
You can find itLord Kabewm
Your destiny awaitsLegend
Sometimes all your dreams might lookKat
Too far out of reachTimwi
But one in a million shotRed
Is all you needEmik
It's there if you chooseQkrisi
To look inside youLimeboy

Level Up

Awakened by the sun’s raysLimeboy
up I rise for the new day.Eltrick
The same routine but I have changed,BananaLord
no longer will I stay the same.Strike
My doubts and weakness used to reign,Jack
but a new power I have now gained,Weird
to face the day with a new light.Finder
Worries fade away, and I’m ready to fight.CrunchyBot
Continue on this winding road,Cooldoom
strengths within must start to show.Pruz
I’ll leave behind my selfish ways,Kavinkul
gonna power up and it starts today.Blanana
A change is due, a different view, we must go on.River
I’ll find that key, inside of me, as we try to level up.Lord Kabewm
A change is due, a different view, we must go on.Legend
I’ll find that key, inside of me, as we try to level up.RockDood
Beyond my home my journeys told,Kat
thats full of life and love to behold.Timwi
The skills I’ve learned shape how I’ve grown,Red
still so much of this world is unknown.Emik
Through storm and drought I’ll travel far,Qkrisi
over mountain tops, to guide I’ll use the star.Limeboy
It lights the way through the darkest night,Eltrick
illuminating our path, the end is in sight.BananaLord

New World

First I opened my eyesLimeboy
Then I felt such a strange breezeEltrick
I had traveled to a world made of blocksBananaLord
Totally unbeknownst to meStrike
When you play Mine, Mine, MinecraftJack
Mine, Mine, MinecraftWeird
Mine, Mine, MinecraftFinder
Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh ohCrunchyBot
There were animals all across the landCooldoom
Villagers working hard hand in handPruz
There were roses, mountains, and a big blue seaKavinkul
Even trees as far as the eye could seeBlanana
How'd this happen?River
Why am I here?Lord Kabewm
Whats my purpose in this place?Legend
Who's that coming?RockDood
What am I hearing?Kat
As the night approaches, I should go and hideTimwi
There's all sorts of creatures, run with all my mightRed


We broke the ocean right in half, just to be here...Limeboy
Did you even know, when you looked away?Eltrick
Too scared to leave, we can’t turn back, will you let usBananaLord
Where are we now...?Jack
Where are we now...?Weird
Where are we now?Finder
Did we follow a fading light?CrunchyBot
Where are we now?Cooldoom
Will you guide us through the night?Pruz
Where are we now?Kavinkul
We’ve journeyed...Blanana
By land and seaRiver
By land and seaLord Kabewm
Where are we now?Legend
It’s not a dreamRockDood
There’s strength that flows between us, can’t you see?Kat
We’re fated!Timwi
We went from lost to feeling found, all around us...Red
Our fates entwined have paved the wayEmik
No longer broken on the ground, we can stand tallQkrisi
Where are we now...?Eltrick
Where are we now...?BananaLord
From nothing moreStrike
Than hate and warJack
We’ll make it through togetherWeird
Where are we now?Finder
Where are we now?CrunchyBot

The Herobrine

I aimed for the vein, lead to the lack of a heartbeatLimeboy
Oh well, best killers can't be choosyEltrick
Needed to receive attention for my braveryBananaLord
Wanted to be left alone in darkness excuse meStrike
Been lusting my brains, and eat them tooJack
And flanking in both waysWeird
Flames made you go boom ‘cause you got locateFinder
When it blew; see it was amusingCrunchyBot
`Cause all I wanted to do is beat Herobrine the dead beastCooldoom
Improved it, used it as a tool when I splash speedPruz
Hit the artery (tehe)Kavinkul
With what I strung back was not a mean featBlanana
It was like kicking a bruised kingRiver
Demonic 'cause I think I'm getting so evil I don’t thinkLord Kabewm
You’re beginning to lose sleep: one dead, two deadLegend
Seeing postmen and speedy’s like Crazy CraftRockDood
But we’re actually scarier than you thinkKat
Cause I'm...Timwi
Not afraid of the HerobrineRed
That's completely un-deadEmik
Keep away from the voices, creeps under your bedQkrisi
We're trying to kill youLimeboy
Stop wishing us deadEltrick
We're going crazyBananaLord
Yeah, we’re going crazy (crazy)Strike
Well, they’re nothingJack
Well, they’re nothingWeird
Now, he isn’t usually one to blow it but somebody then told meFinder
To siege with bowmen and don’t blunder itCrunchyBot
`Cause you never know when they could all be dead, the sorrowCooldoom
So I’ll keep pillaging, sometimes I wonder where these mobs spawn fromPruz
(Yeah tree shade’ll do wonders.Kavinkul
No wonder you’re losing your army the way you squander.)Blanana
I think it went wandering off a RavineLord Kabewm
And it stumbled on Herobrine – inventor of meanLegend
Think I need an interdemiensionistRockDood
To teleport between me and this monsterKat
And save him from myself and all this bloodshedTimwi
`Cause they’re very thin and you hate them killing youRed
But you can’t master itEmik
My skele bones keep bonking you in the headQkrisi
Keep blocking, defend my throne, I’m battle talkingLimeboy
I’m just replaying what the dark in my head’s sayingEltrick
Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m not afraid of the HerobrineBananaLord
They call us crazy but then there’s divisionStrike
One day I’ll walk amongst them ‘cause I’m an irregular villainJack
But until then mobs get killed and I’m respawning straight fromWeird
MC, blood gets spilled and I’llFinder
Take them back to rot in the hay stackCrunchyBot
Train every kid who’s born thatCooldoom
Pumped up feeling and shoot to slay ‘em, hackPruz
Said every kid who saw me slay himKavinkul
I ain’t here to save the fucking villageBlanana
But if one King out of a hundred pillageRiver
They are going through a struggle, feel it and the relay it straight backLord Kabewm
It’s payback, Herobrine falling way backLegend
In the shaft, turn nothing into something, still can make thatRockDood
Stone into gold, chump, I will spin arrows in a foes backKat
Maybe they need an axe to hack it, face factsTimwi
I’m evil for real, but I’m okay with thatRed
Then again, you’re now afraid of theEmik

Turn It Up

What if I wrote this song about youLimeboy
and it turned out that every word is true?Eltrick
What if last night I had a visionBananaLord
where I saw you sitting silent in your room?Strike
So so sick and tired of feeling out of placeJack
Got your headphones on with the boosted bassWeird
You're not alone right nowFinder
Just hear my voice cut through the noise when you play this song loudCrunchyBot
Turn it up turn it upCooldoom
Whenever you're fallin' hit playPruz
Turn it up turn it upKavinkul
If you feel you're too far awayBlanana
Turn it up turn it upRiver
We all want to feel connectedLord Kabewm
Like magnets that were pulled too far apartLegend
What if the distance didn't matter and our words could fix all lonely hearts?RockDood
Love in the harmony and you find a wayKat
To broadcast to the world the melody that playsTimwi
You're not alone right nowRed
Just hear my voice cut through the noise when you play this song loudEmik
Turn it up turn it upQkrisi
You can start right now break the silence downLimeboy
Turn it upEltrick
You are not alone when you play this loudBananaLord