On the Subject of Minecraft Survival

Hardcore taken to a whole new difficulty. Now with more creepers!

  • This module will display a background depending on which dimension you are currently in. There are many types of buttons on the module that will affect the module differently. This will be explained later on in the manual.
  • In order to solve the module, you must kill the Ender Dragon and obtain the Dragon Egg.

The different interactable buttons will be separated into sections:

Inventory (Chest and many different items): Clicking on the chest will toggle being in and out of the inventory. Each item inside of the inventory will have an amount. To see such amount, hover over which one you need to look at and observe the number that appears. Some of buttons will do nothing upon clicked and some will do something in attempt to craft the item clicked.

Dimension Changer (Grass Block, Netherrack and End Stone): Depending which dimension you click on, it will transform the module to its clicked dimension changing the various buttons. The background will change to the dimension to show you which one you are in. Unfortunately, this is a new world and you need to unlock The Nether and The End. To unlock The Nether, you need 14 Obsidian and a Flint and Steel. To unlock The End, you will need 12 Eyes of Ender. When unlocking these dimensions, items will be consumed. Clicking the button when it isn’t unlocked will result in a strike.

Resource Blocks (Will depend on the dimension): These buttons will allow you to gather specific resources with the required tools. Different blocks or items will require different tools in order to obtain them. A table with obtainable blocks will be listed below. Attempting to obtain a block without the require tool, will result in a strike.

The module will always start in the Overworld dimension. In addition to this, you will start with a wooden axe and 10 Cooked Beef.

The rest of the manual will explain how you will get to your final fight. After obtaining the Dragon Egg, go to your inventory and click on it to solve the module.

The 3 different systems of the module

The module has 3 different systems to somewhat simulate a Minecraft environment. The systems are: Crafting, Gathering and Fighting.

The Crafting System:

As explained on the first page, this will be available inside of your inventory. Clicking on certain buttons related to the table below will craft the item you click. Hovering over items will display an amount of that item you have.

Required Result Required Result
1x Wooden Log 4x Wooden Planks 8x Cobblestone 1x Furnace
2x Wooden Planks 4x Sticks 1x Furnace, 1x Coal & 1x Iron Ore 1-3x Iron Ingots**
2x Sticks & 3x Wooden Planks 1x Wooden Pickaxe or 1x Wooden Axe* 1x Furnace, 1x Coal & 1x Raw Beef 1-3x Cooked Beef**
1x Sticks & 2x Wooden Planks 1x Wooden Sword 2x Sticks & 1x Wooden Planks 1x Wooden Shovel
1x Wooden Sword & 4x Cobblestone 1x Stone Sword 1x Wooden Pickaxe & 4x Cobblestone 1x Stone Pickaxe
24x Iron Ingots 1x Full set of Iron Armor*** 1x Stone Pickaxe & 5x Iron Ingots 1x Iron Pickaxe
1x Stone Sword & 5x Iron Ingots 1x Iron Sword 24x Diamonds 1x Full set of Diamond Armor***
1x Iron Pickaxe & 6x Diamonds 1x Diamond Pickaxe 1x Iron Sword & 6x Diamonds 1x Diamond Sword
1x Blaze Rod 2x Blaze Powder 1x Ender Pearl & 1x Blaze Powder 1x Eye of Ender
1x Flint & 1x Iron Ingots 1x Flint and Steel Why are you highlighting this 5head

* The result will depend on which item you click
** The result will vary to increase the speed of solving the module
*** The previous set is not needed.

The Gathering System:

Depending on the dimension you are in, you will be able to obtain certain items with different tools. The items will be change upon entering a new dimension. When gathering an item, it will reduce your hunger by one drumstick. If your hunger reaches 0, you will receive a strike. The tables below list the requirements and results of each item.

The Overworld
Requirements Result Requirements Result
1x Any Pickaxe 1-3x Cobblestone 1x Wooden Shovel 1x Flint
1x Stone Pickaxe & Above 1-3x Iron Ore 1x Iron Pickaxe & Above 1-2x Diamonds
1x Diamond Pickaxe 1-2x Obsidian 1x Any Pickaxe 3-5x Coal
1x Wooden Axe 2x Wooden Log 1x Any Sword 1-3x Raw Beef

The Nether
Requirements Result Requirements Result
1x Any Pickaxe 2-4x Netherrack 1x Iron Pickaxe & Above 2x Nether Quartz
1x Iron Pickaxe & Above 2x Glowstone Dust 1x Wooden Shovel 2x Soul Sand

The End
Requirements Result Requirements Result
1x Any Pickaxe 2-3x End Stone 1x Diamond Pickaxe 2-3x Obsidian
1x Any Pickaxe 3-4 Purpur Blocks 1x Wooden Axe 2x Chorus Fruit

The Fighting System:

At random points, after gathering a resource, you could encounter a mob*. When this happens, the module will display a new combat menu with an icon of your highest crafted sword and a Cooked Beef icon. A health bar will also be displayed to show what your current health is and at the same time, a display underneath the drop of the mob will indicate their health. On the next page, sword and armor statistics will be available. Clicking on the sword will attack the current mob, reducing their health and the mob will have a chance to attack back. Clicking on the cooked beef (when you have cooked beef in your inventory) will eat one, regenerating 3.5 hearts. Your health will regenerate while out of combat and so will your hunger upon exiting combat. If you do die in combat, you will receive a strike and return to the dimension you’re in.

Mob Name Health Damage Drops
Zombie 30 6 1x Rotten Flesh
Skeleton** 20 4 2-3x Bones
Spider 15 4 2x String
Creeper 20 20 1x Gunpowder
Slime 20 4 2-3x Slimeball
Pigman 40 6 2x Rotten Flesh
Blaze 30 5 2x Blaze Rod
Wither Skeleton 40 8 2-4x Coal
Enderman** 50 10 2x Ender Pearl
Shulker 30 5 1x Shulker Shell
Ender Dragon 500 8 1x Dragon Egg

* A fight will not start if you don’t have a sword.
** This mob can spawn in multiple dimensions.

Equipment Stats:

These are the equipment statistics of the available equipment

Sword Stats
Sword Damage
Wooden Sword 6
Stone Sword 9
Iron Sword 12
Diamond Sword 15

Armor Stats
Armor Damage Protection
Iron Armor 4
Diamond Armor 8