On the Subject of Mineseeker

Everything you need is right in front of you… and in this manual of course.

  • This module consists of a picture of a bomb with a colored background and a letter to represent that color.
  • You will need to use some of the bomb’s edgework, along with the image to solve this module.

To find out the solution’s image, add the number of battery holders to the number of port plates and the number of consonants in any indicators on the bomb.

Subtract the number of vowels in the indicators.

If you have any two factor codes, subtract the least significant digit from the sum you just calculated.

If your calculated number equals any value in your serial number, subtract 1 from your total until it doesn’t.

If your calculated number is a negative, instead use the first digit in your serial number.

Take your number and the letter visible on the module and use the table on the following page to figure out what your solution image is.

If your calculated number is larger than 6, subtract 7 from the calculated number until it is between 0 and 6.

0 1 2 3 4 5 6
White - [W]
Gray - [G]
Pink - [P]
Red - [R]
Brick Red - [K]
Brown - [N]
Orange - [O]
Yellow - [Y]
Lime - [M]
Forest - [F]
Cyan - [C]
Blue - [B]
Lavender - [L]
Purple - [U]

To find out where your location is and where you need to go, use the grid on the next page. Your location has the same letter and bomb that is on the module.

Use the arrows on the sides of the image to maneuver around. The image will change with each acceptable arrow movement.

Only your starting image will have a letter assigned to it. Others will not.

The dark black edges on the grid are walls that cannot be passed. Attempting to do so will result in a strike.

Once you move onto the square on the grid that is the correct answer, press the “SUBMIT” button below the image to solve the module.