On the Subject of Mineswapper

Yo dawg, I heard you like bombs...

This module consists of a 6×6 grid of tiles.
Each tile has a digit, an LED, and may or may not have a mine.

Selecting any pair of these tiles will swap the positions of the two.

For any given tile, if the number of mines on the tiles adjacent to it are equal to the digit on the tile, the LED on that tile will turn on.
Otherwise it will turn off.

To solve the module, turn on all 36 LEDs.

Clues to a particular solution

Valid solutions may be found that do not satisfy the following conditions, but there is always one that satisfies them all.

Fixed mines/spaces

Starting from the top-left corner of the board, make a number of moves for each character in the serial number from left to right:
  • If the character is a zero, move to the diametrically opposite space on the board unless this is the first character of the serial number, in which case stay in the top-left corner.
  • If the character is a nonzero number, move that many spaces in reading order.
  • If the character is a letter, move as many spaces in reading order as the alphabetic position of the letter.
  • If the space you stop at is already assigned, move down the board until you land on an unassigned space, wrapping around to the top of the board if necessary.
  • Assign the space to be a mine if the position of the character in the serial number is odd, or an empty space if it is even.

Marked rows/columns

Each row and column is marked with the number of mines in that row/column.
Some markings are encrypted. Use the day of the week and the six hour interval in which the module was activated to determine what each symbol represents.

Some symbols are themselves dependent on when the module became active, using "YYYY/MM/DD" as the format for the date and "hh/mm/ss" as the format for the time.

Some encryptions are the result of a division operation, always round the result down.

Mon ♠- Battery holders
♥- Unlit indicators
♦- DVI and PS2 ports
♣- Modules mod 7
♠- MM / 2
♥- Lit indicators
♦- Consonants in serial number
♣- Port plates
♠- Vowels on indicators
♥- Serial and parallel ports
♦- D batteries
♣- Numbers in serial number
♠- RCA and RJ ports
♥- Batteries / 2
♦- Indicators with 'R'
♣- Minutes on bomb timer at start mod 7
Tue ♠- Ports / 2
♥- Vowels on indicators
♦- YYYY mod 7
♣- AA batteries / 2
♠- Numbers in serial number
♥- Battery holders
♦- Lit indicators
♣- PS2 and RJ ports
♠- Port plates
♥- Sum of numbers in serial / 4
♦- Batteries - 2
♣- Letters on lit indicators from A-M
♠- Unlit indicators
♥- HH mod 6
♦- Modules starting with a vowel
♣- Empty port plates plus 1
Wed ♠- D batteries
♥- DVI and RCA ports
♦- Vowels in serial number plus 1
♣- Indicators with 'S'
♠- Serial and parallel ports
♥- Modules starting with 'N'
♦- Batteries / 2
♣- mm mod 7
♠- Minutes on bomb timer at start mod 7
♥- Letters in serial number
♦- Indicators with 'N'
♣- Port plates with 1 port
♠- Lit indicators
♥- Battery holders
♦- Other modules starting with 'M'
♣- Numbers in serial number below 6
Thu ♠- mm / 10
♥- Letters on lit indicators from N-Z
♦- Port plates with more than 1 port
♣- Letters in serial number
♠- Port plates with no parallel port
♥- AA batteries / 2
♦- Smallest number in serial number
♣- Indicators
♠- Battery holders
♥- Modules starting with 'R'
♦- DVI and RJ ports
♣- Unlit indicators
♠- Vowels on indicators
♥- Mines mod 6
♦- Batteries / 2
♣- Port plates with no PS2 port
Fri ♠- MM mod 6
♥- Port plates with no serial port
♦- Indicators with 'S'
♣- Batteries minus 3
♠- RCA and PS2 ports
♥- Smallest number in serial number
♦- Letters on unlit indicators from N-Z
♣- Modules starting with 'K'
♠- Indicators
♥- (YYYY mod 100) mod 7
♦- Port plates
♣- Minutes on bomb timer at start mod 7
♠- Modules / 25
♥- Letters in serial number from A-M
♦- Indicators with no vowels
♣- Ports minus 3
Sat ♠- Port types that occur once
♥- Lit indicators
♦- Battery holders
♣- Empty spaces mod 6
♠- D batteries
♥- Port plates with even ports
♦- HH mod 6
♣- Modules with no vowels
♠- Indicators with 'R'
♥- Ports / 2
♦- Needy modules
♣- Letters in serial number from N-Z
♠- Letters in serial number
♥- Vowels on indicators
♦- MM / 2
♣- Port plates with odd ports
Sun ♠- Letters in serial number that occur on an indicator
♥- AA batteries / 2
♦- Port plates
♣- Indicators with 'N'
♠- Indicators
♥- Vowels in serial number
♦- Port types that occur more than once
♣- Module starting with 'B'
♠- MM mod 6
♥- Serial and parallel ports
♦- Letters on indicators that occur once
♣- Batteries / 2
♠- Modules starting with 'G'
♥- Port plates with no serial or parallel ports
♦- Consonants in serial number
♣- Time on bomb timer at start mod 7