On the Subject of Minesweeper

Somehow Minesweeper on a bomb feels oddly redundant.

  • A Minesweeper module has a grid of cells with a mode toggle button.
  • By pressing the toggle button you can toggle between two different modes.
    • Dig Mode - Which uncovers a cell that you think doesn't have a mine.
    • Flag Mode - Which flags a cell that you think has a mine.

Locating the starting cell


The first cell to dig will be one of the colored squares. Start with the second digit in the serial number. If it is zero, substitute 10. Count that many colored squares in reading order, wrapping around to the top left of the grid if necessary.

Use the color found to look up a value in the table. Add this number to the numeric value of the first letter in the serial number, with A = 1, B = 2, etc. Starting from the bottom right corner, count that many colored squares in reverse reading order, looping back if necessary. This gives you the first location to dig.

NOTE: You cannot dig other cells until you have dug the correct starting cell and digging an incorrect starting cell will give you a strike, regardless of whether it's a mine or not.

Solving Minesweeper

Each number on the grid represents how many mines there are in the surrounding 8 cells. Use these numbers to figure out where each mine is. Once you have achieved either all non-mine cells dug or all mine filled cells flagged, the module will solve. Digging up a cell with a mine under it will expose the mine and a strike will be given.

NOTE: Clicking on a number while digging will dig all cells around it that aren't flagged. Holding down on a cell will flag it instead of digging it.