On the Subject of Misery Squares

I managed to get draket333 to use this manual, WOOOO!

The module consists of 20 squares, 10 above and 10 below, 5 different displays in the middle, and a Submit button.

The 10 squares above the displays will show different color patterns. To solve the module, locate the initial sequence of the pattern above using the 1000 by 1000 pixel image and locate the continuation of the sequence. The sequence can happen vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. If the image ends, loop back to the opposite side of the image to continue. Color the squares below the displays with the same colors as the continuation of the sequence.

The Color Guide Table

Bl 00 #000000 Rt 24 #b7410e
R 01 #ff0000 S 25 #0f52ba
G 02 #00ff00 Tu 26 #ff878d
B 03 #0000ff To 27 #ff6347
Y 04 #ffff00 Tb 28 #746cc0
M 05 #ff00ff Wa 29 #d4f1f9
C 06 #00ffff Wi 30 #722f37
W 07 #ffffff Wt 31 #f05c85
O 08 #ffa500 Z 32 #2c1608
Br 09 #964b00 Ic 33 #71a6d2
Gr 10 #d3d3d3 U 34 #3f00ff
P 11 #8e35ef Tn 35 #d2b48c
I 12 #4b0082 Sh 36 #ffcff1
Te 13 #008080 Sa 37 #177b4d
L 14 #32cd32 Ru 38 #e0115f
Op 15 #a8c3bc Pe 39 #d1e231
Ol 16 #808000 Ox 40 #6d9a79
Mn 17 #3aa8c1 Lz 41 #e0bc5b
Mt 18 #c1f9a2 K 42 #e79fc4
Pr 19 #cd853f Gn 43 #733635
Px 20 #df00ff Az 44 #007fff
Pt 21 #93c572 Bi 45 #ffe4c4
Ra 22 #5d8aa8 Ar 46 #8f9779
Q 23 #6a5445 Am 47 #ffbf00


  1. Excel download (Strongly recommended because of the lack of delay)
  2. Google Sheets

Guide to use the sheet

  1. Press the center button ("The Color Guide Switch") to enable color guide.
    Unless you are colorunblind to the extent that you don't need one, I ain't stopping you.
  2. Press the bottom left display to toggle between display (top) and input (bottom) mode, and top left button to cycle from color 1 to 10.
    Wait, this is guide to use the sheet, not guide to use the module.
  3. Convert the colors on the module into their corresponding numbers in the table above (or in the spreadsheet).
  4. Fill in the table with the numbers. (NOTE: Prepend 0 if the number is between 0-9.)
    (I can't do anything to change them because it lags when I do, sorry!)
  5. Find a rainbow that will be filled somewhere when the table is completed, there will be some colors that are filled but that are irrelevant, the top table will provide the approximate location of the sequence.
    (There might be a half rainbow that is a correct sequence because of broken formula, please notify Fang#1217 when you see one, sorry for inconvenience and thanks!)
  6. Once found the sequence, proceed to change next 10 squares' text color into whatever color you want! (Tips: Use Ctrl+LMB.)
    (not white, obviously)
  7. Convert the obtained numbers back into their color initials and input them on the module.
    Fun fact: those numbers indicate on how many clicks are required to reach the specific color.
  8. Be sure to NOT save after you're done, instead of changing the colors back and clearing the table.