On the Subject of Misery Squares

May your luck land you on a good fortune. Prepare for everything.

To solve the following module without causing too many problems, you are given the following list of things you should have:

  • The Digital Image File (This file is necessary to perform anything related to the module. You must download this image)
  • A software that allows you to zoom to images pixel by pixel without blur. (This one is also necessary)
  • A software that allows you to detect the pixel color of an image. (This one is not necessary but it's heavily recommended)

The module consists of 20 squares (10 above, and 10 below), 5 different displays in the middle, and a Submit button.

The 10 squares above the displays will show different color patterns. To solve the module, locate the initial sequence of the pattern above using the 1000 by 1000 pixel image provided and locate the continuation of the sequence. The sequence can happen vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. If the image ends, loop back to the opposite side of the image to continue. Color the squares below the displays with the same colors as the continuation of the sequence. If there is more than one answer in the given initial sequence, you can submit any of its continuations. Press the Submit button to confirm your answer. If the sequence is incorrect, the module will strike and reset.

  • Colors that can appear in the module are: Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, White, Orange, Brown, Gray, Purple, Indigo, Teal, Lime, Opal, Olive, Moonstone, Menthol, Peru, Phlox, Pistachio, Rackley, Quincy, Rust, Sapphire, Tulip, Tomato, Toolbox, Water, Wine, Watermelon, Zinnwaldite, Iceberg, Ultramarine, Tan, Shampoo, Salem, Ruby, Pear, Oxley, Lanzones, Kobi, Garnet, Azure, Bisque, Artichoke, and Amber.

Display Guide

5 displays. How do they work?

Center Display (The Color Guide Switch)

This is an optional switch that allows you to enable the Color Guide. When enabled, it allows the bottom displays to function. You are unable to disable the guide unless the module resets.

Top-Left Display (The Square Identifier)

This display shows the current square the module is focused on. You can press the display to switch the square that is being focused. By default, the display is only focused on the squares on the bottom layer.

Top-Right Display (The Color Swapper)

This display allows you to switch the color of the current square the module is focused on. This display will only work if the squares that the module is focused on are on the bottom layer.

Bottom-Left Display (The Layer)

If the guide is enabled, this display allows you to toggle the layer of squares that the module will focus on. This will be either the top layer or the bottom layer.

Bottom-Right Display (The Actual Color Guide)

If the guide is enabled, this display will show you the current color of the focused square.

The Color Guide Table