On the Subject of Mislocation

You've never been this lost in an area this tiny.

Table ControlsCommand:Effect:
Cell Control CommandsClick (Cell)Selects the cell
Arrow KeysSelects the adjacent cell (Or top-left if none are selected)
Tab Key Selects the cell to the right (Or top-left if none are selected)
Ctrl + Arrow Keys Individual Multi-selection (Adds the adjacent cell to the selection)
Shift + Arrow Keys Rectangle Multi-selection (Selects the rectangle shape between two cells)
Enter Key Deselects current cell(s)
Cell Content CommandsAny Character KeySets the content of the selected cell(s)
Backspace/Space KeyClears the selected cell(s) content
Border CommandsClick (Border)Toggles the border
Alt + Arrow Keys Toggles the adjacent border to the selected cell(s)
General CommandsCtrl + X/C/VCuts/Copies/Pastes the currently selected cell(s) (Paste according to the first cell in the selection when copied)
Ctrl + Z Undos last command (Clears after reset button pushed)
Ctrl + Y/
Ctrl + Shift + Z
Redos last undone command (Clears after other executed command)
Delete KeyClears the content and adjacent borders of the selected cell(s)

Appendix: Interactive Mislocation Table