On the Subject of Naming Modules Against Humanity

Calling people's name is inappropriate, calling modules' names, however, is perfectly fine.

Bold texts are remembering points for quickly identifying modules. I also pre-calculated POOP spelling for your convenience.
Module Name Text in MAH POOP?
HTTP Response 404. The bomb not found.
Combination Lock Are you sure this is the combination you need?
Backgrounds Are you sure you want that background for your photo?
Orientation Cube Bad luck with your crush? Maybe it’s just their sexual orientation.
Probing Bad news. You're actually being probed by aliens.
Wire Placement Be careful where you place those wires!
Adjacent Letters Bomb exploded. I was adjacent to it.
Connection Check Bomb exploded due to bad wifi connection.
Cheap Checkout Check out this bomb sale! It's so cheap!
Symbolic Coordinates Coordination does not exist, it's only symbolic.
Wires Cut all the wires!
Complicated Wires Cut all the wires! It's not that complicated after all.
Light Cycle Dark in the room? Just cycle through the lights.
The Moon Darkness all around, not even the moon is shining.
Emoji Math Did you know your texts can include words, and not just emojis?
Module Name Text in MAH POOP?
Logic Do you have at least a pinch of logic in that head of yours?
English Test Do you know the difference between your crap and you're crap?
Resistors Don't resist the temptation. Just do it.
Third Base Don't tell me you're already in third base with this bomb?
European Travel Europe is a great destination for travels.
Who's That Monsplode? Fighting Monsplodes? Identify them first.
Creation God created the world and you blew it up. Shame on you.
Two Bits Here's my two bits of information: you're gonna explode.
Maze I know you feel lost. Sadly, this is not a maze so there's no way out.
Needy Quiz I know you hate answering questions, but we do have to test you.
Ice Cream I scream, you scream, but only I love it.
Game of Life Simple I want to play a game. A game of life and death.
Chess I would play even Billy the Puppet if that game was chess.
Follow The Leader If this bomb explodes, you're following the wrong political leader.
Murder If this doesn't get you murdered, I don't know what will.
Module Name Text in MAH POOP?
Perspective Pegs If you can't do it, try to look from a different perspective.
Plumbing If you don't find a way out, try crawling through pipes.
Hunting If you explode, I'm gonna hunt you down.
Keypad If you recognize any of these symbols, you're a smart fella.
Morse Code If you're bad with words, try Morse code instead.
Morsematics If you're bad with words, try Morsematics code instead.
Tetris If you're tired of bombs, you could always play Tetris instead.
Colored Squares It's cool to be square but only if your colored.
The Sun It's so bright! Who turned the sun on?
Switches It’s useless. Switch to another bomb.
Semaphore Just as I expected, you're waving a white flag already.
Listening Just got a strike. You need to listen to your experts better.
Turn The Key Just turn the key and leave the room.
Turn The Keys Just turn the keys and leave the room.
Number Pad Keypad here, keypad there. I want a keypad with numbers!
Colored Switches Let's switch on these colours.
Game of Life Cruel Life is cruel. So are games.
Lights Out Lights are out. Bomb's unavailable for 10 seconds.
Bitmaps Lost in this bomb? Here's a bit of a map.
Tic Tac Toe Lots of love, XOXO, The Bomb.
Module Name Text in MAH POOP?
Needy Math Math is hard.
Motion Sense Moves like Jagger? Not with that motion sense of yours.
Piano Keys Musical instruments? I recommend trying piano.
Alphabet Never try tongue twisters before you learn alphabet.
Foreign Exchange Rates No currency exchange point? You should've taken your card.
Astrology No success? I guess your zodiac was under the wrong planet's influence.
Memory Nope, that doesn't work. Try memorizing the manual next time.
Complicated Buttons Pressing buttons should be easy, not complicated.
Broken Buttons Pressing these buttons is useless. They’re broken.
The Button Push the button. Galvanize.
Square Button Push the square button. Galvanize.
The iPhone Put down your iPhone and solve this bomb!
Filibuster Remember the title and just keep talking.
Simon Screams Simon screams at your incompetence.
Hexamaze Someone must have put a-maze-ing hex on you.
The Stopwatch Stop the watch! Hammer time!
Needy Vent Gas Stop venting your emotions. Vent gas instead.
Module Name Text in MAH POOP?
The Clock Tick tock, start the bomb clock.
Colour Flash That almost got you dead. Your whole life flashed before your eyes.
Adventure Game That's okay. There will be another adventure waiting for you soon.
Braille The bomb blew your eyes out. Start learning Braille.
Anagrams The instructions were clear and not in anagrams; you're an idiot.
Mortal Kombat The kombat with this bomb is a mortal one.
Friendship They say Monopoly ruins friendships. They have not tried KTANE.
Battleship This bomb is a true battle, just not on a ship.
Safety Safe This bomb is so valuable it should be locked in a safe.
Burglar Alarm This burglar alarm is distracting me from defusing.
Souvenir This explosion will leave a few souvenirs on your body.
Simon Says Too late. simon says you should try again.
Simon States Too late. Simon states you should try again.
Wire Sequence Trickier than it sounds; all the wires are hidden behind panels.
Microcontroller Trust your experts, don’t micro control them.
Mouse In The Maze Tsk. Poor little mouse, can't do anything right.
The Gamepad Two kinds of people: those who use gamepad and the boring ones.
Module Name Text in MAH POOP?
Letter Keys Wait, now keys have letters on them? What is this sorcery?
3D Maze Want to see this in 3D? There are special glasses for it.
Skewed Slots Well, that's what happens when your world view is so skewed.
Forget Me Not Well done. You forgot it not.
Double-Oh Who cares about Double As or Double Ds when you can have Double Os?
Monsplode Trading Cards Who cares about Monsplodes? Trade them away!
Sea Shells Who cares what she sells? She's not gonna sell it to you.
Text Field Who needs fields of gold when you have a field of text?
Shape Shift Why be a human when you can shapeshift into an owl?
Monsplode, Fight! Why fight your family when you can fight Monsplodes?
Modules Against Humanity Yes, this bomb is very inhumane. Deal with it.
Cooking You blew me up even though I cooked for you!
Big Circle You blow up, you die. The big circle of life.
Faulty Backgrounds You bombed that selfie cause of faulty background.
Needy Knob You can play with this knob even when you're done with the bomb.
Button Sequences You can't just press all the buttons, it has to be the correct sequence.
Module Name Text in MAH POOP?
Caesar Cipher You dealt with it like a true Caesar.
Silly Slots You failed. What a silly slot you are.
Word Scramble You got scrambled by your own sword.
Mystic Square You need serious help. From a shaman or a mystic, nothing less.
Password You need to know the secret password to defuse this bomb.
Round Keypad You spin my head right round with those fancy symbols.
Chord Qualities You struck the wrong chords. Kaboom.
The Bulb You think you have a great idea? Nah, that's just a bulb above your head.
Blind Maze You'll feel like a blind man in this maze.
Zoo You're an animal. You should be in a zoo.
Who's On First You're clearly the last, but who's first?
Blind Alley You're done. No way out from this blind alley.
Rock-Paper-Scissors-L.-Sp. You're fighting a lizard. But don't use caber, use scissors.
Needy Capacitor You're on the dishonorable discharge, Take your capacitor and leave.
Crazy Talk You're talking crazy. Get out.
Word Search You’re searching for a word? It’s the bird.
Coordinates You're walking funny. Have you lost your coordinates?
Neutralization Your goal is to neutralize this bomb.
Cryptography Your mind is so cryptic, I can't read it.
Symbolic Password Your password must be 6 symbols long.
The Swan Your serial number is 4815162342.