On the Subject of Monsplode Trading Cards

A Bob in the hand is worth two in... the Buhar?

  • Based on the 3 Monsplode™ Trading Cards in your hand, correctly accept or decline 3 trade offers using the “Keep” and “Trade” buttons above the cards.
  • Each card will display a Monsplode, a rarity symbol, and a Print Version.
  • Your hand is shown on the left. Cycle through the cards using the left/right buttons in order to select the one you wish to trade. The offer is shown on the right.
  • An incorrect action will result in a strike, but if you attempted a trade you will still keep the card you received during that action.

Calculating a Card’s Rarity Value

1. Identify the card’s initial value: Using the “Initial Value Reference Table”, find the row that contains your Monsplode’s™ name. Determine which of the following formats the first two characters of bomb’s serial number are in:
XX  (e.g. KT, NE),      X#  (e.g. C4, H8),      #X  (e.g. 2A, 5D),      ##  (e.g. 20, 17)
This will give you your card’s initial value.

2. Adjust the card’s value: Look at the “Print Version” at the left side of the card. For each indicator on the bomb that contains the letter of the Print Version, add 1 to the card’s value if it’s lit and subtract 1 if it’s unlit. Continue adjusting the card’s value using the rules below:

If the bomb has no batterieskeep the card’s current value.
Otherwise, if the numeral of the Print Version is greater than the amount of batteries on the bomb, add 1 to the card’s current value.
Otherwise, if the numeral of the Print Version is less than the amount of batteries on the bomb,  subtract 1 from the card’s current value.
Otherwise, add 2 to the card’s current value.

If the Print Version’s numeral is equal to the alphabetic position of its letter, the card is fake and has 0 value. This overrides everything.

3. Calculate the multiplier: Use the rules below based on the symbol in the card’s bottom-left corner and "Rarity Symbol Reference Table":

If the card is Common, the multiplier is 1.
Otherwise, if the card is Uncommon, the multiplier is 1.25.
Otherwise, if the card is Rare, the multiplier is 1.5.
Otherwise, if the card is Ultra Rare, the multiplier is 1.75.
If the card is a foil (has shiny spots on it), add 0.5 to the multiplier.
For each bent corner of the card subtract 0.25 from the multiplier.

Multiply the card’s adjusted value by the calculated multiplier.

If the card’s value is a negative number, it has 0 value.

If all of your cards have higher value than the offered card, press “Keep”.

Otherwise, trade your least valued card by pressing “Trade”.

If there are multiple cards with the least value, you can trade any of them.

Rarity Symbol Reference Table

CommonUncommonRareUltra Rare

Initial Value Reference Table

Base set

Aluga 2342
Asteran 2522
Bob 2425
Buhar 5223
Caadarim 2432
Clondar 3245
Cutie Pie2424
Flaurim 2342
Gloorim 5222
Lanaluff 2343
Lugirit 3332
Magmy 4323
Melbor 2443
Myrchat 2243
Nibs 3324
Percy 3324
Pouse 2333
Ukkens 4233
Vellarim 4232
Violan 3422
Zapra 3423
Zenlad 4224

Hero expansion

The Fighter
The Ancestor
The Protector
The Web Bug