On the Subject of Morse Code

An antiquated form of naval communication? What next? At least it's genuine Morse Code, so pay attention and you might just learn something.

  • Interpret the signal from the flashing light using the Morse Code chart to spell one of the words in the table.
  • The signal will loop, with a long gap between repetitions.
  • Once the word is identified, set the corresponding frequency and press the transmit (TX) button.
Letter Morse Letter Morse
A .- N -.
B -... O ---
C -.-. P .--.
D -.. Q --.-
E . R .-.
F ..-. S ...
G --. T -
H .... U ..-
I .. V ...-
J .--- W .--
K -.- X -..-
L .-.. Y -.--
M -- Z --..
beats3.600 MHz
bistro3.552 MHz
bombs3.565 MHz
boxes3.535 MHz
break3.572 MHz
brick3.575 MHz
flick3.555 MHz
halls3.515 MHz
leaks3.542 MHz
shell3.505 MHz
slick3.522 MHz
steak3.582 MHz
sting3.592 MHz
strobe3.545 MHz
trick3.532 MHz
vector3.595 MHz