On the Subject of Morse-A-Maze

It is AMazing that the status light got a life of its own.

  • Decode the Morse code from the blinking status light. Off state is green, On state is red.**
  • The first thing transmitted is the word used to find the maze.
  • The second thing transmitted is the coordinates the status light needs to be placed on. Coordinates are a letter from A–F, representing columns, followed by a number from 1–6, representing rows. The upper left is A1.
  • If the word is listed in Table 1, use the corresponding information in the table to determine which maze to look up. If the number you get is greater than 17, keep subtracting 18 until you are in the range of 0–17.
  • Otherwise, look up the word in Tables 2 and 3.
  • Warning: Do not cross the lines shown in the maze. These lines are invisible on the bomb.
  • If there is an unlit BOB indicator and 4 batteries in 3 holders in the configuration of 2×AA and 2×D, Bob will actively prevent you from earning any strikes. Thanks Bob.
Table 1:
  • If any two-factor widgets are present, use the sum of the 2nd least significant digit of each two-factor code.
  • Otherwise, use the number of unsolved (non-needy) modules.
Number of solved modules
Number of strikes
Number of battery holders
Number of distinct port types
Total number of ports
Number of lit indicators
Number of unlit indicators
Number of indicators
Number of port plates
The last digit of the serial number
The sum of the serial number digits
Number of batteries
First serial number digit
Starting time in minutes
Day of week at bomb start
(Sunday = 0, Saturday = 6).
Number of empty port plates
Position of first serial number letter minus one (A=0, B=1, C=2, ...)
* - The maze for these words can change.
** - Refer to page 3 for colorblind mode details. Refer to page 4 for some configuration options.
Table 2:
Table 3:

*If Colorblind mode is enabled, the module will ensure that at least the OffState or the MorseXmitState is set to Off, regardless of current configuration options.

Configuration Options for MorseAMaze-settings.txt
It is possible to change the colors of the status light for the various states of the module. The following colors are possible.

  • 0 - Off
  • 1 - Green
  • 2 - Red
  • 3 - Random

These are the options that can be configured, and their default values.

  • SolvedState - The state the status light changes to once the module is solved. (default: Off)
  • StrikeState - The state the status light changes to for one second when a strike is earned. (default: Off)
  • OffState - The off state of the status light while morse code is being transmitted. (default: Green)
  • MorseXmitState - The on state of the status light while morse code is being transmitted. (default: Red)

Finally, if you wish to reset everything back to default, just change "ResetToDefault" from false to true