On the Subject of Multitasking

Four times the fun.

Behind each of the four small hatches is a needy module.

  • Top-left: Pressure Gauge

    Use the buttons to adjust the pressure. Keep the needle from entering the red zones.
  • Top-right: Avoidance

    Signals approach the centre of the module from both sides. Use the buttons to move up and down and avoid the signals when they reach the centre.
  • Bottom-left: Selection Grid

    Cells in the 5 by 5 grid activate randomly. Select the active cells within 12 seconds of their activation. Do not press any inactive cells.
  • Bottom-right: Signal Jammer

    Signals are sent from the top of module and move downward. The five buttons on the bottom of the module change the colour of the horizontal bar. Block the signal by matching the colour of the bar with the signal when it reaches the bar.

Each module will be active for between 20 and 50 seconds.

As more modules are solved, more modules will be active simultaneously.

When over 75 percent of modules are solved, all four modules will activate for 70 seconds at an increased difficulty:

  • Pressure increases/decreases faster.
  • Number of simultaneous signals to avoid increases from 4 to 7.
  • Cells must be pressed within 10 seconds of their activation.
  • Speed of signals to block increases.