On the Subject of Musher the Batten

I feel like we need a surgeon instead of a defusal squad...

Musher the Batten consists of a randomly colored batten, and a 2 digit display under it. If the display is above the batten, you are looking at a different module.

This little batten was living a happy, comfortable life of pressing and fun until it suddenly grew a little display. Your goal is to get rid of this display by pressing the batten.

BUT WAIT! If you press the batten at the wrong time, the batten will attack the bomb through its wiring and give a strike. So, you must press it at the right time. But how do you do that?

  • Take the number shown on the display and add it to the sum of the bomb’s serial number digits.
  • Take this number and divide it by the number of batteries. If the number of batteries is 0, do nothing at all. Remove all decimals.
  • Use the Table Batten to get a new number, the column being the color of the batten and the row being the word on the batten.
  • Multiply the number in Table Batten by the calculated number in step 2, and take this number modulo 60.
  • Press the batten when the seconds digits* on the timer match the calculated number.**
  • If the module isn't solved by this point, the batten will change and you must calculate another stage. This module can have up to 5 stages.

*: If the total current time remaining is less than the current number, press the batten anytime.

**: If the calculated number is a single digit, prepend a 0.


***: Press the batten at any time, as the batten never had a problem with its display in the first place.