On the Subject of Mystery Module

Let’s see what’s behind door number gray.

Mystery Module is a module which covers another module with a screen.
This mystified module cannot be solved nor seen until the screen is removed.

How it works

  • Mystery Module mystifies one solvable module on the bomb.
    • MM comes with it’s own service to make sure that no incompatibility with other modules arise.
    • There may be a case where MM cannot mystify a module. In this case you win a free solve by just pressing the green button.
    • Note: Übermodule and Souvenir may be hidden, keep that in mind.
  • MM then requires to solve specific modules on the bomb in order to unlock the mystified module.
    • MM may require between 1 and half (third if there are 2 MMs, quarter if there are 3 MMs etc.) of the applicable modules on the bomb to be solved.
    • Other MMs do not count as well as already mystified modules.
  • The screen shows the current module MM wants to have solved, called the key.
    • As long as this module is not solved, the LED on top of the screen is red.
    • As soon as this module is solved, the LED on top of the screen starts to blink.
  • Press the green button to advance to the next module once the LED blinks.
    • Pressing the green button when the LED is red will cause a strike (with one exception explained later)!
  • If a module gets solved that MM has chosen as a key but hasn’t displayed yet, the LED will start out blinking once MM gets to this key.
  • If perchance you get stuck and you cannot solve MM and unlock the mystified module, you can press the Red button in the bottom left corner of the module to autosolve MM, called "Failswitch".
    • Pressing the Failswitch will cause the module to ask you if you are sure.
    • Agree by pressing the Failswitch again, abort the autosolve by pressing the green button.