NOT NOT Timed Mazes

Not not not not not nothing needs something.

This module displays a logic statement and has four clickable areas left, up, right and down.

Press any direction on the module to start the timer. Start at the position in the table labeled with the first character of the serial number. (zero is denoted as "Ø" in the manual) Click in the direction you want to go. For each move you make, go in that direction on the table if possible. After ten consecutive correct answers the module will solve. An incorrect answer will teleport the user back to the start of the maze and strike.



  • Black colored walls always prevent the user from moving in that direction.
  • A direction or color will show up on the module, move in the direction that meets this criteria. Examples:
    • "RIGHT" refers to moving right on the maze.
    • "GREEN" refers to moving in the direction of any green walls from the current position. Ignore the color of that text.
  • "AND" and "OR" may be included in the statement. These are self explanatory.
  • If "NOT" is perpended to a direction or color, the condition is inverted in that case. If multiples are perpended, repeat the inverts as many times on the conditions as there are multiple "NOT" words next to the color/direction.
  • If "THEN" is included in the statement the user will need to follow up with another input after the statement shown. There may be another "THEN" on the next statement after the previous one. The blank statement will also show up.
    • Example: "GREEN THEN RIGHT" requires any direction with a green wall and then a right direction afterwards.
  • If the user is unable to move in any direction that meet the criteria, the user will be required to wait until the next statement shows up.