On the Subject of NOT NOT

Never not not not not not not not fun!

This module displays a condition and has four clickable areas left, up, right and down.

Press any direction on the module to start the timer. Start at the position in the table labeled with the first character of the serial number. Click in the direction you want to go. For each move you make, move in that direction on the table. The borders between cells are referred to as doors. Each move must fulfill the condition displayed. After ten correct answers the module will solve.



  • If the module displays a direction, move in that direction.
  • Invert the statement when a "not" is referring to it. "Not Left" can be fulfilled by any movement that is not left.
  • If the module displays "Nothing", no movement must be made.
  • If the module displays a color, move towards a door which is that color.
  • If the module displays two conditions separated by "and", both must be fulfilled.
  • If the module displays two conditions separated by "or", either can be fulfilled.
  • The text may be colored, ignore this coloring.
  • If a condition has no valid directions, do nothing.
  • If a door is shown as black, you can never pass through it.
  • If a statement contains two conditions separated by 'then', perform the first condition and then perform the second condition the following stage. The following stage may be blank, or show another "then" conditional.